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Minor in Electronics

The Minor in Electronics includes the theory and practice of analog and digital electronics, embedded systems, sensors, and signals and systems. It covers foundational concepts in physics, as well as building, testing, and troubleshooting electronic systems through a laboratory-intensive curriculum. 


Completion of a minimum of twenty-two (22) units, eleven (11) of which must be at the upper-division level. Students must earn a grade of C (2.0) or better in each class in the minor.  

Required lower-division courses (11 units) 

PHYS 201: Mechanics & Sound (4)
PHYS 202: Electromagnetism & Optics (4)
PHYS 280: Intro to electronics (3)

Required upper-division courses (11 units) 

PHYS 301: Digital electronics (4) 
PHYS 402: Computer Interfacing & Control (4) 
PHYS 303: Signals & Systems Processing (3) 

Note: Applied Physics Majors cannot minor in electronics.

Contact your Faculty Advisor for more information and consult with the Undergraduate Advisor of your major.