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College of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics

Quantum Bridge Experience

The 2024 summer's bridge program is now accepting applications! Fifteen incoming CSUSM students will spend 4 weeks strengthening their math preparation, learning about quantum information science and all about CSUSM. The program runs from July 15th through August 9th on the CSUSM campus.

Benefits of the program:
♦ Strengthen your fundamental math skills so you can excel in the math courses required for your major.
♦ Receive career and professional development.
♦ Learn about future internships in the QIST field.
$1500 stipend!
♦ Build a network of peers at CSUSM.

If you're an incoming CSUSM student and interested in program 
apply here


the 2023 Quantum Bridge Experience cohort with President Neufeldt

If you have any questions, please contact Jeffrey Morales, CSTEM Pathways Advisor, at