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Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma

The Society of Physics Students and Sigma Pi Sigma

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We are proud to have chapters of the Society of Physics Students club, the Women in Physics club, and the Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society at CSUSM. Our groups participate in hands-on activities to apply the physics concepts learned in class to real-world situations. We host community building social events, study sessions, guest speakers, and educational outreach activities. Our clubs are open to anyone interested in physics and STEM.


  • Ashley Corey, President of SPS/WiP
  • Lemuel Johnson, SPS Treasurer
  • Matthew Gerami, WiP Treasurer
  • Dr. Justin Perron, SPS and WiP Faculty Advisor
  • Dr. Stephen Tsui, Sigma Pi Sigma Faculty Advisor

Discord Servers

Join our SPS/WiP at CSUSM Discord

Image of the SPS and WiP club members from Fall 2021.


2016-2017 SPS officers

SPS Chapter, 2017

Students at the 2016 Rocket Car Races

Rocket Car Races, 2016

Sigma Pi Sigma 2014

Sigma Pi Sigma Inductees, 2014

Sigma Pi Sigma 2012

Sigma Pi Sigma Chapter, 2012

Rocket Cars    Hanging Out

Rocket Car Racing, 2011

Sigma Pi Sigma Induction

Sigma Pi Sigma Induction, 2010