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Graduate School Resources

Graduate School

Many high level technical positions require a Master's, and if a life of research is your passion, then a Ph.D. is almost always required.  An economic benefit to grad school is that many programs, especially Ph.D. programs, pay for your education and more.  You can earn your advanced degree for free and be paid as a teaching or research employee of the University.

Graduate Admissions Considerations

  • Your GPA
  • Your GRE and, if the Ph.D. program requires it, your Physics (or other subject) GRE scores
  • Your undergraduate research, internship experience, and conference presentations
  • Your recommendation letters, especially from professors who know you and have done research with you
  • Your potential to perform independent research in your field
  • To a lesser degree, your potential to teach
  • Your ability to communicate, especially in your application statement

You can apply to either a Master's program or straight to a Ph.D. program in your senior year. If your academic record could use a little strengthening, you may choose to apply to a Master's program as a stepping stone to the Ph.D.

Always feel welcome and encouraged to speak to any faculty member about graduate school or the career that you're interested in.