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Faculty Online Learning Communities

During the 2024/2025 academic year we will host faculty online learning communities (FOLCs) to support faculty aiming to implement quantum information science and technology (QIST) into their courses.  A FOLC is a community of faculty who interact online and learn together. FOLCs meet regularly by videoconference in small groups to discuss practical issues, facilitation strategies, student learning, and whatever topics are of interest. Discussions often include topics ranging from encouragement to stick with teaching changes to ideas on concrete techniques for solving implementation challenges. In addition to the professional development and community support, participants will receive a stipend for their efforts. These FOLCs are an excellent follow-up for any faculty who attended the QIST in the CSU Workshops however they're also suitable for any faculty aiming to bringing QIST into their curriculum.


Who should participate?

Any faculty member interested in bringing QIST into their curriculum.

What is expected of participating faculty? What are the benefits?

Participating faculty will commit to actively participating in the community, including regular virtual meetings, developing QIST-related materials for their courses, and completing project evaluation surveys.
Benefits include a $1000/year honorarium for participation, with an additionla honorarium available for participants who agree to share materials developed in the FOLC in an editable format for distribution.

What do previous FOLC participants say?

"For me, the networking that resulted... is a huge benefit."
"I have developed specific course proposals and curricular materials in repsonse to discussions we haed in the FOLC"
"I learned a lot from the discussions and found the material and tips shared to be very useful"

Questions can be directed to Ed Price