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Student Cohort Learning Communities

We are hosting CSUSM cohort learning communities for students interested. Participating students will have the opportunity to collaborate, form study groups, and create a close-knit community through team-building activities, cohort meetings, social gatherings, field trips, workshops, and program-exclusive study sessions.

Benefits for students:

  • Build a network of support with your peers to help ensure your success at CSUSM.
  • Participate in professional development training including topics like how to get involved with research on campus and how to apply for internships and jobs.
  • Hear stories from QIST researchers about how they became involved in the field.
  • Learn about summer research opportunities in quantum information science.

This year's kick-off event is September 28th in Science Hall 2 room 245 at noon. Enjoy some free food and meet like minded students and faculty interested in quantum.

For questions please contact Jeffrey Morales, CSTEM Pathways Advisor, at