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Psychology Student Organization (PSO)

  • What Is PSO?

     PSO stands for Psychology Student Organization. Like Psi Chi, its purpose is to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in advancing in the psychological sciences. Many use PSO as a stepping stone for Psi Chi. It gives individuals the chance to meet other people who are interested in being involved on campus as well as current Psi Chi and PSO members. PSO also gives students an opportunity to participate in Psychology related services on campus and in our community.

    PSO is involved with various activities throughout the year. We work in conjunction with Psi Chi on such events as the Psychology Student Research Fair, grad panels for undergrads which allows undergrads to ask questions that are needed to know before entering a grad program and guest speakers in the different fields of psychology to educate undergrads of all the various psychology careers. PSO values time away from classes and studying. As a way to relax PSO frequently sponsors fun social events such as bowling, pizza and movie nights.
  • What Are PSO Qualifications?

    The only qualification is that you are currently enrolled at CSUSM and you have an interest in psychology!  PSO is open to all majors and there is no GPA requirement! There is a one time club fee of $20. PSO is fun and easy to join! View PSO application.

    Applications and one-time fee of $20 PSO due when you turn in your application. You will be an official member once you turn in your application AND the $20 fee.  Applications may be turned in to our officers at any Psi Chi / PSO meeting, or they may email PSO at to get into contact with officers about alternative arrangements.

    Fees may be paid in cash or by check or money order.  Make the check or money order out to ASI; in the memo portion write "PSO." Also for more information contact us at:


PSO Members


PSO Chapter Co-Advisors are: 

Dr. Kimmie Vanderbilt 

 Dr. Aleksandria Perez Grabow 

 Dr. Janice Phung

Officers 2019-2020

  • President: Evan Weidele
  • Vice President:  Justin Mejia
  • Treasurer: Ruby Gabriel Diaz
  • Secretary:  Jennifer Rodriguez


The best way to keep informed on Psi Chi / PSO meetings and updates is to subscribe to our mailing list. Anybody interested may subscribe or unsubscribe at any time. People may subscribe at the web address!forum/psi-chi-and-pso