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Transfer Student Info is a website dedicated to helping transfer students in their transfer from one school to another. This site lists the articulation agreements between various schools and CSUSM and is a handy tool for any transferring student. This means that if a course that you have taken at another college is listed as equivalent to a CSUSM course on, it will automatically be accepted without additional advisor approval.


This section is meant to give important information towards successful transfer of your courses from your school to CSUSM.

  • Lower division classes do not count as upper division classes. Upper division courses must be taken in order to count as completion of this course. For example, if a you take a lower division abnormal psychology course at a community college, it will not count for our upper division abnormal psychology course.
  • In order to transfer classes towards the psychology major/minor, students must obtain a grade of a C or better in the course.
  • Although some other majors on campus (e.g. Human Development, Social Sciences, etc.) accept other statistics and methods courses to meet their particular degree's requirements, Psychology will ONLY accept the designated courses as prerequisites for Psychology courses and requirements for the Psychology major/minor.  Please see an advisor in your major for further information regarding these requirements.

AP Psychology Classes

  • We accept AP Psychology for our Psyc 100 course if the student passes with a 3, 4, or 5.
  • The Psychology Department does NOT accept AP Statistics for a Behavioral Statistics course. 
  • We do not accept any other AP courses/tests for the Psychological Science major.
  • For more information on AP courses, see the Undergraduate Advising Services website.

Non-Psychological Science Majors

(e.g. Human Development, Social Sciences, Liberal Studies)

For further information regarding specific requirements for non-psychological science major/minors, please visit their website and or contact the program director/department chair.

Human Development

Website: Human Development

Social Sciences

Website: Social Sciences

Liberal Studies

Website: Liberal Studies


Website: Kinesiology


Prerequisites are in effect for everyone, regardless of major/minor. Please see the current course description for a list of prerequisites required for each class. 

From transfer advising session (PowerPoint)