What  Services Does Family PACT cover?

· Personal and confidential health care
· Prevention of unplanned pregnancy
· Basic reproductive health assessments
· Pap smears and some treatments for abnormal Pap smears, and referrals for colposcopies
· Prevention, screening and treatment of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections)
· Pregnancy testing and counseling
· HIV testing and counseling
· Urinary tract  infections (women only)
· Treatment for vaginal infections (e.g. yeast)

What Birth Control Methods are available at SHCS that Family PACT covers?

· Hormonal methods (e.g. pill, ring, shot, the Patch, IUC, Nexplanon)
· Emergency contraception (“morning after pill”)
· Barrier methods (e.g. condoms)
· Safe sex supplies (e.g. lube, dental dam, spermicides, etc.)

Family PACT DOES NOT cover the Following:

· Abortion, prenatal care, HIV treatment
· Hepatitis B testing
· HPV  Vaccine (Gardasil)
· Evaluation and treatment for infertility or irregular or absent menstrual cycles.
· Other non-reproductive healthcare. Family  PACT is not like regular medical insurance. It only covers reproductive health concerns. For example,  If you break your leg, that would not be  covered. 
· Family PACT is NOT Medi-Cal (which is a different program. )

 Other referrals and programs are available for the above needs, please ask us.

Lisa Skola, Family PACT/Business Manager

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