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Parent FAQ's

What services are available at the Student Health & Counseling Services?

•    Health and Wellness Promotion services
•    Immunizations
•    Laboratory services
•    Medical clinic
•    Confidential medical records
•    Pharmacy
•    Counseling & Psychological Services
•    Family Planning services - STI/STD Testing (Family PACT)
•    Violence & Sexual Assault Support Services
•    Women’s Health

My child already has health insurance; do we still need to pay the health fee?

Yes.  The Student Health & Counseling Services (SHCS) fee is a mandatory fee that provides services to all enrolled students.  This fee is not for health insurance.  The center offers convenient, affordable, accessible care without copays or deductibles, with the exception of visits with the Psychiatrist.  (See the next question) SHCS embraces a holistic and collaborative approach to healthcare offering primary care, preventive services, wellness education, violence support services mental health and counseling services and is accredited through the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.
Since my child is paying a fee in his/her fees and tuition are all the services free?
Most services are either covered by the student health and counseling fee, but some services carry an additional fee.  Fees apply to psychiatry services, procedures, labs, vaccines, prescriptions and supplies.  

Does the Student Health & Counseling Center offer after hour and weekend services?

Although the Student Health & Counseling Center is not open in the evening during the week or on the weekends, there is information on our website,, for locations for service after regular business hours.  Also, students can also get a printed copy of local Urgent Care and Emergency Rooms from the pocket outside the clinic main door.

Now that my child has the services at Student Health & Counseling Center do you recommend that I cancel his/her health insurance?

No, SHCS does not recommend that you cancel your child’s health insurance.  We recommend that students maintain health insurance coverage for emergency or specialty care services. 

What immunizations does my child need in order to come to Cal State San Marcos?

The CSU system requires new and readmitted students born on or after January 1, 1957 to present proof of immunity to measles and rubella, or be immunized. Students under the age of 19 also need to show proof of immunity to the Hepatitis B virus, prior to their second semester at Cal State San Marcos.

My child is on a medication.  Can we transfer that prescription to the Student Health & Counseling Center?  Also, will you bill my insurance for that prescription?

Depending on the medication, it is possible to transfer prescriptions to the Student Health & Counseling Center.  If we have the prescription, we cannot bill your insurance for that prescription, but we can provide the student with a receipt for the prescription which could be used for reimbursement with your insurance company. 

My child does not have health insurance.  Do you sell student health insurance?

SHCS does not require or sell insurance.  However, it is important for students to have insurance coverage for emergency and specialty care services.  Student Health insurance is available for purchase through Associated Students Incorporated (ASI).  More information can be found at 
Beginning January 1, 2014, under new federal law, many CSU students and their families may be eligible for financial assistance in purchasing health insurance.  In California, the exchange for health insurance is called Covered California.  Covered California is an online marketplace for affordable health insurance.  Individuals and families may qualify for financial assistance in paying the costs of health insurance coverage.  More information can be found at or