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To initiate the Ergonomic Evaluation for your Campus Workstation, start by reviewing this page for CHABSS ergonomic guidelines and then visit the SH&S Ergonomics website to begin the process. CHABSS is no longer approving home office ergonomic equipment.  

CHABSS has run out of funds for reiumbursement. If you have recieved an ergonomic evaluation, it is valid for 3 years. Please contact Jessica Raffi ( if you have a medical accomodation or for further questions.


When you have completed your evaluation with SH&S they will advise you on the support tools and equipment that you could purchase. The items you choose to purchase will be purchased by the department AC with your department funds. You should consider the most economical options as there are different vendors for these products. The department AC will then submit the Ergonomic Support Tool & Equipment (ESTE) reimbursement form to SH&S for reimbursement. Note that the department will only be reimbursed for items vetted by SH&S and they do not reimburse labor costs from Facilities or PDC. Items $101 or more will receive a 50% rebate from SH&S. CHABSS will provide reimbursement on a case by case basis. 

Step 1: Online Training 

Step 2: Ergonomic Evaluation

        • SH&S will reach out to requester to schedule the evaluation at their workstation.
        • After the evaluation is completed, a summary will be sent as well as information about how the suggested equipment can be purchased from SH&S to the requestor and manager for approval.
        • Once approved by DO, the requestor will forward the evaluation to their department AC to discuss for purchasing.

Step 3: CHABSS Review

        • Upon receipt of evaluation asses which items you would like to move forward with purchasing. Please obtain estimates and quotes and email to Jessica Raffi, for review.   

Step 4: Purchase

        • Upon recieving approval from CHABSS, the department AC will purchase equipment. 

Step 5: Ergonomic Support Tool & Equipment Reimbursement Form (ESTE)

        • Once the purchasing has been completed, please fill out the ESTE form for reimbursement
        • Please route for signature through Adobe Sign to Elisa Grant-Vallone, for MPP signature. 
        • Sample ESTE
        • Submit completed and signed ESTE form to