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New Faculty Information for Communication Department

Faculty ID, Audio/Visual Requests

Information about obtaining your Faculty ID. The Media Library can also assist you with all of your audio/Visual equipment requests. Their phone number is (760) 750-4370.


All courses receive a container in Canvas. This is akin to "Blackboard" and allows you, even if you have no online instructional component, to offer students ready access to syllabus, assignments, and other course information as well as a means for you to send announcements to your students in a particular course. 

Username and Password/Email

Setting up your email is one of the most important tasks for new faculty to tackle since this is the major form of campus communication. Your username and password will be sent to you on or before faculty pre-instruction days. If you have any issues with your username and/or password, please contact the Faculty/Staff Helpdesk at (760) 750-4790. They are located in Kellogg 2013.

Office Hours

University practice is that faculty members hold one office hour per week, per course taught on campus (up to 3 hours total). However, if you are teaching an online course, you may schedule those hours as "online" as well. Please send your office hours to Carrie Dyal before the beginning of the semester. Your office hours will be posted on your door and online.

Shared Office (Lecturers)

You will be assigned an office that you may or may not share with other faculty. 

Copy Code & Printers

To make copies, you will need a copy code which will be emailed to you on or before faculty pre-instruction days. If you have not received your copy code, please contact Carrie Dyal.  The department has a printer in SBSB 2105 and most of the lecturer offices have printers.  If you encounter an issue with your computer or printer, the Faculty/Staff Helpdesk phone number is 760-750-4790. 


Each tenure-track faculty member has a mailbox on the 4th floor of SBSB, located in the hallway next to the Faculty Lounge (room 4123). Lecturer mailboxes are located in SBSB 2220. Please check your mailbox regularly to avoid overflow.


We use Teams Phones.

Book Orders

We recommend placing your book order as soon as possible. You can place your order by emailing

Desk/Examination Copies

Faculty are responsible for obtaining examination/desk copies for review and/or instructor copies for books adopted. Please submit requests directly to publishers by visiting their websites.

Class Rosters

Your class rosters can be accessed through MyCSUSM, which can be accessed from the University homepage within the blue bar at the top. To download class rosters, login to access the portal. If you have difficulties, please contact the Faculty/Staff Helpdesk at (760) 750-4790.


Before the third week of the semester, please e-mail a digital copy of your syllabus(i) to Carrie Dyal.  The file must be a pdf.  Please do not send a word doc.  This requirement is requested by Academic Programs. Please save the file with lowercase letters and no spaces or symbols using the following format: comm_100_01_smith_fall_2022.  If you are teaching more than one section of the same course, please send only one syllabus for that course.


Please email the Office of the Registrar by the add/drop deadline (generally two weeks from the first official day of classes) in order to drop students who are enrolled but never show up.  You will need students' names, IDs #s (located on your class roster), course number and section number. The email must come from your campus email account.

Student Evaluations

Results of student evaluations will be emailed to you a few weeks after each semester ends.


Tenure-track faculty advise student majors in both Communication and Media Studies. Student majors are evenly distributed across faculty. An advising sheet will be updated each semester and copies provided on the department bulletin board next to the Communication Suite, as well as posted to the department website.

Campus Map

CSUSM campus map.


To obtain a faculty parking pass, please go to the Parking and Commuter Services office located in the Public Safety Building (PSB) (#63 on campus map) located on the corner of La Moree and Campus View Drive (next to the SPRINTER station). 

CSUSM uses virtual permits. The license place registered with your parking permit will become your virtual permit. Instructions: how to access your Parking Account.  If you do not drive the same vehicle to campus every visit, then be sure to register any additional vehicles (so as to avoid receiving a parking ticket).

Read the update regarding parking permit options available for bargaining unit employees (APC, CSUEU, CFA, SUPA, Teamsters, UAPD and UAW). 

Guest Parking Passes

If you would like to request a parking pass for a campus visitor, please contact Carrie Dyal, at least 48 hours, in advance of the visit. Parking passes will be available for your guest on the day of the campus visit at the Parking and Commuter Services office located in the Public Safety Building (PSB) (#63 on campus map) located on the corner of La Moree and Campus View Drive (next to the SPRINTER station). If you wish, you may pick up the parking pass for your guest prior to the day of their visit -- please indicate this option on the request form.

Conference Room Reservations

If you would like to reserve a conference room, please contact Carrie Dyal.


Please email Carrie Dyal if you want to use your professional development funds for travel reimbursement.

Campus Police

Campus Police may be reached at (760) 750-4567.  In the event that you lock yourself out of your office, please call Campus Police and they will open your door.