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Brothers and Sisters Gonna Work It Out

Program Overview

The purpose of Brothers/Sisters Gonna Work It Out is to provide African American, Latino, Samoan, and Native American youth positive strategies to combat and overcome the debilitating environment and conditions they face daily at school and on the streets. Workshops stress the central role education plays in this process to change current conditions. This program will provide information to assist our young men and women to perceive how the educational process effects them, their families, and their communities.


  • To create a dialogue between presenters and participants centered around relevant cultural, social, political, economic, and educational issues facing African American, Latino, Samoan and Native American males and females. Workshop content and titles are selected to appeal to age and/or grade level or ethnic heritage(s) of participants.
  • To clearly articulate and collectively discuss solutions to the problems raised. To provide a methodology for further dialogue among workshop participants, and between presenters and participants. To provide participants with resources and information to further his/her development of critical thinking and analytic skills.
  • To create a context for the student to become more receptive to the notion of pursuing post secondary education. To underscore the necessity of positively contributing to their communities, and encourage the use of leadership skills to effectively address the concerns of their communities.