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EOP Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge Leap - Educational Opportunity Program


Thank you for your interest in joining us for Summer Bridge!

Summer Bridge Mission

The mission of EOP Summer Bridge is to bridge the gap from high school to college in order for first year students to successfully navigate their first year of college.

Enrolled students will participate in a 6-week, FREE, comprehensive and in-person summer transition program designed to provide YOU an opportunity to LEAP - LEARN, ENHANCE, ACADEMICALLY GROW, and PREPARE to overcome any academic and personal challenges you may face during your first year.

Students must be Early Start eligible to participate in the Summer Bridge Program.

Students who have successfully completed this program reported:

Stronger sense of belonging to campus. Higher likelihood of continuing at CSUSM. Better preparation with the tools, knowledge, and resources to start journey at CSUSM.

Why attend Summer Bridge?

  • Get a HEAD START on your graduation requirements by taking a college level course, GEL 101, earning 3-units of General Education, Area E credit.
  • Participate in weekly, in-person, events that will support your growth such as field trips, activities and workshops.
  • Meet your CSUSM community including your EOP Counselors, Peer Mentors, other EOP students, and faculty.
  • Develop academic preparation skills.
  • Build a network of support.


For inquries, please contact Sandy Hernandez,