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Transfer Bridge

EOP Transfer Bridge is intended to facilitate the transition of EOP transfer students matriculating from community colleges to a university setting. The EOP Transfer Bridge program will provide a unique experience for new incoming transfer students to better understand their participation in EOP, the University as a whole, and begin engaging in post-graduation goals.

What can students expect?

Some of the topics students may expect to see at Transfer Bridge:

  • Student Panels: Come learn, ask questions, and get advice from current transfer students!  Learn tips that may assist in the transition to CSUSM!
  • Graduate School Information: Have you considered graduate school? Come hear an inspirational message in regards to a path to graduate school.
  • Campus Mentoring Programs: Students will be provided with information on campus mentoring programs. Learn about the benefits, application requirements, and criteria  for participation in  Mentoring Programs.
  • Career Center: Start to identify steps you should consider to create momentum towards a meaningful career. Familiarize yourself with the resources that will assist you during and post undergrad. 
  • Faculty Panels: Met with faculty ask questions and learn about course expectations at the university level.
  • Community Building: Meet and interact with your transfer cohort, EOP staff, and campus community!
  • Campus Support: Learn about the resources available to you at CSUSM.

Transfer Bridge 2024

  • Date: Thursday, August 1st, 2024
  • Time: 8:30-4:00pm
  • Other: Mandatory for all incoming EOP Transfer Students