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Registration Assistance Drop Ins

Virtual EOP Drop-in sessions are intended to focus and assist EOP students with their registration course selection process for the upcoming semester. 

Registration Assistance Drop-ins are offered for EOP STUDENTS ONLY. Drop-Ins are NOT required for all students or intended to complete your 1st contact. Students wanting to complete their first contact should schedule an appointment with their assigned counselor after the drop-ins period has concluded or attend an approved workshop.

Spring 2022 Drop-Ins (current students)

Monday, April 25th - Friday, May 6th
Day of the week Modality AM Session PM Session
Mon & Wed
In-Person at EOP Office
(Craven Hall 4100)


Tues & Thurs Virtual on Teams


Friday's Virtual on Teams



NEW Incoming Transfer Student Drop-Ins

May 23 - 24th, 2022
Day Hours
Monday - Tuesday
10:00 - 11:30AM
2:00 - 4:00PM

Prior to Drop-Ins

  • You must be set up with Microsoft Teams (see helpful links for set up tutorials).
  • You will be added to a Team called “EOP Front Desk"
    • Here you will have access to view our Registration Assistance Sign in Sheet  & ask general questions.
    • DO NOT sign in on Registration Assistance Sign in Sheet until the scheduled day of drop-ins. 
    • Students may begin signing in for a drop-in 30 minutes prior to the posted drop in schedule on the day of drop-ins. 
  • Students are required to run their Degree Planner prior to signing up for an EOP drop-in session.

The Day Of Drop-Ins

  • Sign in for an EOP drop-in by using our Registration Assistance Sign-In Sheet.
    • Access Sign-In sheet via Microsoft Teams 'EOP Front Desk' or the EOP Drop-Ins email.
    • Any sign-ins prior to our opening times will NOT be accepted.
    • Sign in begins 30 minutes prior to the start time of AM and PM drop-ins sessions.
  • Once you have signed in using our Registration Assistance Sign in Sheet, you will be placed on the waiting line (please be patient).
  • Students will be contacted via Microsoft Teams by the next available counselor. 
  • If there are any connectivity issues with Microsoft Teams, counselors will reach out to you using the alternative phone number provided (be prepared to answer an unfamiliar or blocked phone number).
  • Sessions generally last up to 15-30 minutes.

Having Trouble? 

For assistance with set-up and/or general questions, students may contact the EOP front desk by any of the below options. 

  1. Messaging the “EOP Front Desk” Team within Microsoft Teams
  2. Calling our office at (760)-750-4861
  3. Emailing us at