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Student Resources

The following resources listings are intended to provide and connect EOP students with a variety of available campus and community resources and services that can support their goal to attain a college degree. We encourage EOP students to explore and to act on the various listing to take advantage of these resources.  

Covid-19 Resources


Virtual Support

CSUSM continues to provide technology loans of laptops and other IT hardware to those who require that technology to learn or work in a virtual environment.
Submit the Technology & Equipment Support Request form if you: 
  • need technology equipment loaned for home use (Shipping of equipment is available for students!)
  • want to return one or more pieces of technology/equipment
  • need repair or technical support
Still not sure if you should submit a request? Contact your EOP Counselor to discuss your options!

Stay Connected! 

Connect with us and other EOP & CSUSM students on social media!




The Student Emergency Fund provides compassionate assistance to students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events that disrupt their progress towards a degree.
Need assistance with Finacial Aid concerns? Schedule an appointment with a Financial Aid Advisor (scroll down to the Financial Aid section and schedule a virtual appointment). 

 Transportation & Housing

  • Fill out the above form for housing requests (seeking housing or renting out a space).
  • Roommate Request form is ONLY for EOP students and will be shared within the EOP Student Community.
  • Housing requests are emailed to all current EOP students on a weekly basis.
  • Please be as thorough as possible with your request.
  • This form is NOT affiliated with the following housing units (UVA/QUAD/Block C). 

Academic Support