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Commuter Programs

Parking and Commuter Services is aware of the environmental concerns regarding single occupant vehicles and transportation, that is why we offer and encourage the use of alternate modes of transportation to and from our campus.  Alternate and active modes of transportation such as bicycling, walking, carpooling, van pooling, and public transportation aid in reducing over congested freeways and air pollution.  These methods are environmentally friendly and effective alternatives to reaching our campus from your home.

Commuter Programs sponsored by Parking and Commuter Services:

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Bike to Campus

San Diego is equipped with over 300 miles of bikeways and CSUSM offers bicycle accommodations throughout our campus.  Our campus has bike racks, bike locks, and bike lockers located throughout the campus to make your commute easy, healthy, and active.  Bicycles are one of the quickest methods of active transportation to get to and from campus.  Visit our Bike to Campus section to learn more about how you can make biking to campus a part of your daily commute.  All bike users are recommended to register their bicycle with the Parking and Commuter Services office to aid in the recovery of lost and stolen bicycles.


CSUSM offers students, faculty and staff Carpool parking permits.  Carpool parking permits allow users to park in the reserved proximity carpool parking spots located throughout the campus.  Carpooling allows you to decrease your carbon footprint as well as save money on parking permit pricing, gas, vehicle maintenance and time.  Visit our carpool webpage to find out how you can start saving money, shortening your commute, and making new friends.

Guaranteed Ride Home

You will never be stranded when you choose to use alternative transportation to get to our campus.  Commuters who carpool, vanpool, take an express bus, or ride alternative transportation have a safety net to get back home in the case of personal/family illness or emergency, unscheduled overtime, or your ride partner is unavailable.  To find more information about how to set up your commute safety net, visit the Guaranteed Ride.

Waze Carpool

Waze Carpool is a new app from Waze that matches riders with drivers with similar commute routes.  Riders only help cover the cost of the drive so riders will never exceed $0.54 a mile.  With Waze Carpool you ride with neighbors or classmates who are looking to meet new people and maybe earn back some gas money.

You shouldn’t have to rely on a one hour bus ride or an expensive ride-hailing service to get to school every day. Waze Carpool is a quick, efficient and affordable option for getting to and from campus.

 Here’s how to register:

  • Download the Waze Carpool app (available for iOS and Android)
  • After you register, go into your Profile.
  • Click the Payments option and proceed.