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Commuter Programs

Parking and Commuter Services is aware of the environmental concerns regarding single occupant vehicles and transportation, that is why we offer and encourage the use of alternate modes of transportation to and from our campus.  Alternate and active modes of transportation such as bicycling, walking, carpooling, van pooling, and public transportation aid in reducing over congested freeways and air pollution.  These methods are environmentally friendly and effective alternatives to reaching our campus from your home.

Commuter Programs

Bike to Campus

Biking to campus is a form of sustainable and active transportation available to our campus community.  CSUSM offers commuting bicyclist several amenities including:  free bicycle registration, bicycle racks with building accessibility, bike lockers, tire air pumps, and bike locks for loan.


CSUSM offers students, faculty, and staff carpool parking permits.  Campus community members can choose to carpool and split the cost of commuting and parking with a classmate, neighbor, or friend and receive reserved proximity parking.   Carpooling helps students and Faculty/Staff decrease carbon footprints and save money.

Transit Passes

Transit passes are now VIRTUAL!

CSUSM offers students discounted transit that service both North County San Diego and metropolitan San Diego.   All Transit passes can now be purchased online through your CSUSM Parking Account


CSUSM has partnered with Commute with Enterprise to provide a vanpooling service as an employee benefit for all staff.  Vanpooling helps you save money on your drive to and from campus each day.   Participants save on average $6,000 per person per year and receive a free designated vanpool parking spot!

To sign up and learn more, visit COMMUTE and click "Join Commute"




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