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Faculty & Staff

Faculty/Staff parking permits are valid in general and non-reserved Faculty/Staff spaces in lots B, C, E, F, H, J, K, N, O, X, Y, Z, Parking Structure 1 and Parking Structure 2.

Faculty/Staff may purchase semester parking permits online or in the Parking and Commuter Services office located in the Public Safety Building (PSB 63). Prior to a new employee purchasing a Faculty/Staff parking permit, Parking Services must have a computer generated verification from the hiring department.  

Faculty/Staff with a twelve month contract or longer are eligible to purchase either a semester or payroll deduction permit. Faculty/Staff with less than twelve month contracts are eligible to purchase semester or temporary monthly permits, depending on contract length. Cost of payroll deduction and semester parking permits vary by bargaining unit, please contact Parking and Commuter Services for current prices. Permits are for the exclusive use of the registrant. Permits may not be sold, exchanged, given away, or purchased from any person or agency other than California State University San Marcos Parking and Commuter Services.

Type of Faculty/Staff Permits

Payroll Deduction Permit:

Payroll deduction permits will be deducted via a monthly payroll deduction. The first month of the payroll deduction is $14.00, due upon start of the deduction process. The following month will be deducted from paycheck at your bargaining unit monthly rate. Contact Parking and Commuter to check eligibility of payroll deduction. 

Academic Year Faculty/Staff Permit:

Academic Year faculty/staff permits are prepaid for the duration of the Fall and Spring semester, price varies based on bargaining unit.  Academic Year faculty/staff permit may be purchased online with proper verification or in the Parking and Commuter Services office.  

Semester Faculty/Staff Permit:

Semester faculty/staff permits are prepaid for the duration of the semester, price varies based on bargaining unit.   Semester faculty/staff  permit may be purchased online with proper verification or in the Parking and Commuter Services office.

Monthly Faculty/Staff permit: 

Monthly permits are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase and must be purchased in the Parking and Commuter Services Office. 

For Faculty/Staff permit prices, please contact Parking and Commuter Services at (760) 750-7500.

Faculty/Staff Commuter Options

  • Carpool Parking Permits:   CSUSM offers Faculty/Staff carpool parking permits that allow users to park in the reserved proximity carpool parking spaces located throughout the campus.  Register for a Carpool permit at Parking and Commuter Services, permit sold on a first come, first served limited basis per semester.  All individual members of the carpool team must be present.
  • Van Pool:  A vanpool is a group of 5-15 people who commute to and from work on a regular basis. 

Visitor/Guest Parking Information

 A paid parking session is required at all times while parked on campus. 

Options available for Departments purchasing parking permits for guests.

  • Invited Guest Virtual Permits allows Virtual visitor permits to be emailed to guest. Email to set up Log In information. 
  • Sponsored Guest permits may be requested with 2 business day notice. Two (2) Sponsored Guest permits per a day, per a chargeback number.
  • Event Parking Lot Rentals available. Contact for availability and costs.

Guest purchasing their own permit may purchase hourly/daily permits at Pay Stations or by using AIMS Mobile Pay.