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Commuter Partners

Guaranteed Ride Home

You will never be stranded when you choose to use alternative transportation to get to our campus. Commuters who carpool, vanpool, take an express bus, or ride alternative transportation have a safety net to get back home in the case of personal/family illness or emergency, unscheduled overtime, or your ride partner is unavailable. To find more information about how to set up your commute safety net, visit the Guaranteed Ride website.


ICommuteSD is a transportation demand management program for the region of San Diego. ICommuteSD provides information about how to use alternative, active,  and sustainable transportation throughout the region of San Diego.  For more information visit the iCommute website.

 COMMUTE with Enterprise

CSUSM has partnered with Commute with Enterprise to provide a vanpooling service as an employee benefit for all staff. Vanpooling helps you save money on your drive to and from campus each day. By vanpooling with a group of coworkers, you’ll decrease the wear-and-tear and depreciation on your personal car, reduce your gas expense, and decrease your time behind the wheel. You’ll be provided a fully insured vehicle with all the newest safety features so you can ride in style. Participants save on average $6,000 per person per year and receive a free designated vanpool parking spot!

To sign up and learn more, visit COMMUTE and click “Join Commute”


Waze Carpool is a carpool app that helps you find a ride to campus.  Waze helps you find students, classmates, or neighbors ho have a similar commute schedule and destination as you.   You can be a driver or a rider, drivers receive up to $15 per ride and riders never pay more than $0.54 a mile. Find more information with WAZE.


Zipcar is a self-service and on-demand carsharing service available to all of the CSUSM campus community who is 18 year or older and has a valid Driving License.   Two (2) vehicles are available 24/7 on the first floor of Parking Structure 1 (PS1).  Vehicles can be reserved on a daily or hourly basis with prices starting at $7.50/hour or $69/day.   Reservations include gas, insurance, maintenance, and up to 180 miles/day.  CSUSM Students, faculty, and staff join for only $15 a year through