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Personal Mobility Device Policy

Below are relevant sections of the Complete Personal Mobility Device Policy (PMD) that specifically addresses bicycles on campus.

The complete campus PMD policy is located at campus policies, Please refer to this policy for complete information.

Pedestrians, have the right of way at all times. Per this policy, PMD operators are not considered pedestrians unless they are carrying or walking their PMD device.

  1. Motorized forms of the PMDs in this section may travel on designated bike paths.
  2. Other forms of PMDs such as bicycles must dis-mount and walk said devices if using sidewalks.
  3. PMDs are prohibited in all parking structures.
  4. PMD users must dismount and walk PMD devices if there is no clear path, such as narrow pathway crowded with pedestrians.

PMDs and pedestrians are prohibited on the University access road, also known as the service road.

PMD Dismount Walk Zones

  • In areas where operation of PMDs are permitted, devices must be operated at a safe speed at all times.
  • Safe speeds will be determined by existing traffic and environmental conditions. “Environmental conditions” can include but are not limited to weather, size and physical condition of path of travel. In any case speed shall not exceed 5 miles per hour. 
  • PMD operators shall exercise due care and reasonable caution to prevent collisions, injury to others, to self, or to property. 
  • PMDs found in violation of this policy may be impounded and retained at the University Police Department. A fee may be charged to the owner prior to the release of any impounded PMD. 
  • Any bicycle being released must be properly licensed.
  • Fees collected pursuant to this policy shall be retained to support programs related to PMD safety, PM facilities improvement.

Any university police officer or designated employee authorized by the University Police may move, relocate or impound any PMD which is:

  1. Blocking or otherwise impeding normal entrance to or exit from any university building.
  2. Blocking or otherwise impeding either vehicular or pedestrian traffic on any street, highway, parking lot, parking space, parking lot access, walkway, footpath, building exit, stairwell, or sidewalk.
  3. Blocking or otherwise impeding another PMD device from being accessed or used.
  4. Parked or stored in such a condition as to be considered abandoned. 

PMD not claimed within 90 calendar days by the owner will be disposed of by the university in accordance with the law. 

This policy does not apply to University Police or Parking and Commuter Services personnel engaged in the performance of their duties.

For more detailed information refer to the CSUSM Personal Mobility Device policy at campus campus policies and California Vehicle Code 21201-21212 and Title 5 of the California Administrative Code, Section 42200.