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Bike To Campus/Personal Mobility Device Policy

CSUSM Bicycle Program

CSUSM offers bicyclist amenities to make your commute practical and smooth.   The CSUSM campus community has access to:

  • Bike Rack Locations
    • Campus Way Circle
    • Craven Circle
    • Library Plaza
    • The Dome and Commons
    • The Clarke Field House
    • Parking Lots C, H
    • SBSB
    • Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS)
    • University Hall
  • Free Bicycle Registration
  • Bike Locker Locations
    • Clarke Field House
    • Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS)
  • Bike tire air pumps located at Craven and Campus Way Circles
  • Bike locks for loan
  • USU Commuter Lounge

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers are rented on a semester basis and can be renewed after each semester.  Bike locker fees include $15 per semester and a $30 refundable key deposit.  Bike lockers can be used to store bikes and helmets.  For all other gear and books, the University Student Union (USU) has day-use lockers available on the 1st floor near the Commuter Lounge.

Bicycle Registration

University Police and Parking and Commuter Services offer students, faculty, and staff free bicycle registration.   Registering your bicycle increases your likelihood of recovery in the case that it is ever lost, stolen, or confiscated.   Bicycle must be present at the time of registration at the Parking and Commuter Services Office.

Contact Commuter Programs at (760) 750-7520