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Carpool Program

CSUSM Carpool Program 

Save money on your commute to and from campus by joining a carpool team. Carpool parking permits are sold at the Parking and Commuter Services office. A minimum of two carpool team members must be present at the time of purchase to complete the Carpool Application Form.  The carpool permit is also valid in any of the general spaces in the General Lots and structures. 

 Reserved Carpool Parking  

Carpool teams benefit from reserved proximity parking spaces located in:  

  • Parking Lot C 
  • Parking Lot E - Faculty/Staff ONLY  
  • Parking Lot F  
  • Parking Structure 1  


 Carpool Guidelines:  

  1. Each carpool will be assigned one carpool permit.  
  2. Only one vehicle from the registered carpool team is allowed to utilize the carpool permit at a time.  
    1. If both carpool team vehicles are on campus at the same time, one vehicle will need to purchase a daily parking permit.  
  3. Carpool permits are NOT valid in disabled spaces, reserved spaces, or reserved lots.  
  4. Carpool permits must be properly displayed at all times while parked on campus.  
  5. When parking in a carpool space there must be two riders in the vehicle (no exceptions).  

 Please Note: If you are found in violation of the carpool guidelines, your carpool privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the current and the following semester.  


How to find a carpool partner 

  1. Posting a request on the carpool bulletin board in the commuter lounge. The lounge is located on the first floor of the University Student Union (USU).  
  2. Use the Waze Carpool App.  

The University provides the information above as a means to contact and meet others who may have similar transportation needs. You are ultimately responsible for your safety. The University cannot and does not ensure the lawful behavior of the people who use this service. The University does not screen any postings to this service. You take full responsibility for ensuring your personal safety.   However, by taking some common sense precautions, you can find a ride, make new friends, and reduce your transportation costs. 


General Carpool permits are the cost of General Semester permits.  Please contact Parking and Commuter Services for cost of Faculty/Staff Carpool permit.


For more information contact the Commuter Services Assistant at 760-750-7520