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Carpool Program

Carpool to CSUSM with WAZE


Waze Carpool is a new app from Waze that matches riders with drivers who are traveling along the same route. Because riders only help cover the cost of the drive, rides will never exceed $0.54 a mile.

With Waze Carpool you ride with neighbors or classmates who are looking to meet new people and maybe earn back some gas money.

You shouldn’t have to rely on a one hour bus ride or an expensive ride-hailing service to get to school every day. Waze Carpool is a quick, efficient and affordable option for getting to and from campus.

How to register:

  1. Download the Waze Carpool app (available for iOS and Android)
  2. After you register, go into your Profile.
  3. Click the Payments option and proceed.


Carpool Program 

Fall 2018 Carpool permits - SOLD OUT

Students, faculty, and staff wishing to enroll in the Cal State San Marcos Carpool Program must register at Parking and Commuter Services located in the Public Safety Building (PSB 63). All individual members of the carpool team must be present at the time of registration. General/Student carpool permits are sold on a first come, first served limited basis per semester.

A registered carpool will consist of at least two persons (faculty/staff/student) sharing one car on the majority of their commute trips to campus. The carpool permit should be properly displayed at all times while parked on campus. The carpool vehicle is authorized to park in one of the designated carpool spaces only if two or more riders are present in the vehicle when pulling into the reserved carpool space.  If a carpool space is not available, or you arrive on campus alone, you may park in any general lot with your carpool permit. By displaying or otherwise using this permit, you agree to comply with Parking and Commuter Services Rules and Regulations governing carpool. Carpool permits are NOT valid in disabled spaces (blue zones), or any other reserved space, or reserved lot.

Carpool permits are valid only when two or more persons ride together and park in a Carpool Space. When driving alone, you must park in general parking spaces, NOT in carpool spaces.

Carpool permits may not be reproduced or altered. Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen, forged, or altered permit will be cited, and student information forwarded to the Dean of Students office. Carpool permits remain the property of Cal State San Marcos Parking and Commuter Services and will be revoked if it is observed being improperly used. Cal State San Marcos is not responsible for lost or stolen permits.

Designated carpool spaces are located in:

  • Parking Lot C
  • Parking Lot F
  • Parking Lot E - reserved for Faculty/Staff Carpool Permit only.
  • Parking Structure 1 

Parking Map

Key Points to Remember:

  • Each carpool will be assigned one carpool permit.
  • A limited amount of complimentary day use permits will be issued to each carpool team per semester.
  • Carpool permits are NOT VALID in disabled spaces, reserved spaces,
    or reserved lots.
  • Carpool permits must be properly displayed at all times while parked
    on campus.
  • A carpool must consist of at least two persons.
  • When parking in a carpool space there must be two riders in the
    vehicle (no exceptions).

Please Note: If you are found in violation of the carpool guidelines, your carpool privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the current and the following semester.

For more information contact Parking and Commuter Services at: or 760-750-7500