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asi logo and calfresh logoCalFresh helps by giving YOU funds for healthy and nutritious food so you can stress less about a budget for groceries and focus more on school! CalFresh is a USDA-funded program, designed to allow you to live a healthy lifestyle. CalFresh is free money for groceries that you do NOT have to pay back! As you learn to budget and balance your busy schedule, let CalFresh be the tool you used to stretch your food budget for fruits and vegetables. 

Those that qualify can utilize this service in addition to the ASI Cougar Pantry. We moved! We are located in Commons 104.

CalFresh Eligibility Updates

LPIE (AB 396)

What is LPIE (AB 396)?
LPIE stands for Local Programs that Increase Employability. This initiative is meant to expand upon current employability program exemptions and give universities the opportunity to submit additional programs to increase the eligibility of college students. Current Approved LPIE List
When will LPIE be implemented?
The CSUSM Program was approved on the LPIE list on November 1, 2022. Those programs can be used for students' CalFresh applications that same day.
Students are encouraged to apply if they were not eligible before. View the following attachment to see if your program is listed under LPIE.
    • View under "Student Resources"
    • Click "List of approved LPIEs"

End of Emergency Allocations

What does this mean?

CalFresh households have been able to access increased purchasing power with the emergency allotments. However with the end of emergency allotments, benefits will revert to a household's calculated benefit allotment. This means that households of 1 could go from receiving $281 back to $23 in benefits. This impact will not be felt until April 2023.  

The 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act signed into law on December 29, 2022 ended federal authority to issue Emergency Allotments effective February 28, 2023.  This means that regardless of the Federal or State Public Health Emergency, new federal law sunsets Emergency Allotments effective February 28, 2023 and there will not be a 30-day transition month.

Currently: January’s CalFresh emergency allotments will be available to customers on February 5 (CalSAWS) and February 12 (CalWIN).

Please come visit us for more information.