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Student Fee Project

The Student Fee Project began as a response to students' concerns and confusion surrounding CSUSM's use of the mandatory student fees being paid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

ASI Executive Officers identified and met with key campus partners to gain relevant information about each fee. This includes total fee amount and relevant guiding documents such as Executive Orders or resolutions.

The goal of the Student Fee Project was three-fold:

  1. To gain and understanding of how each fee was utilized prior to COVID-19.
  2. To learn how the fees are being utilized during the virtual semesters and what resources they're covering that students can still access.
  3. To share what we learned with CSUSM students and community so that we can all better understand CSUSM mandatory (Category II) student fees.

Associated Students, Inc. of CSUSM has oversight of the ASI Student Body fee and is happy to answer clarifying questions regarding this fee. For more COVID-19 related information visit the CSUSM as One webpage. You can also direct any feedback to:

CSUSM Mandatory Category II Fees

CSUSM Students must pay Category II Fees in order to enroll and to attend classes.  Each of the Fees were created (and, as necessary, adjusted) through one of two mechanisms: (i) fee referendum or (ii) alternative consultation.  Each process involves student review and approval.  No Category II Fees at CSUSM have been created or charged without input from students. 

This web page does not address expenses that the campus incurred to implement COVID-19 safety and health protocols or to facilitate the transition to and implementation of remote learning.   

You can learn more about Category II Fees by reviewing the following resources:

Breakdown of Fees

Fee Name MyCSUSM Display Name Fee Amount What does this fee “normally” cover? What is the fee covering during remote instruction?
Student Body Fee  Fee - ASI $75.00

Pay salaries for staff and student employees who schedule and facilitate student programming, run media and communications events, perform campus outreach activities, and manage accounts of student groups

Fund programs for students with hardships (ASI Student Emergency Fund and Cougar Pantry)

Cover programming costs for Campus Activities Board, Board of Directors Initiatives, etc.

Pay incidentals (such as scholarships for students who serve on a board)

Salaries are a key cost covered by this revenue, and no full-time staff have been terminated.

In-person programming, activities, and board meetings occurring remotely

Savings in programming costs used to fund increased need for ASI Emergency Fund and ASI Cougar Pantry

Academic Excellence and Student Success Fee  Fee - Acad Excel/Stdt Success $250.00

Pay salaries for staff to: teach additional course sections; provide advising services, career support, and academic support (tutoring); and staff library extended hours

Subsidize student participation in field trips and activities

Salaries are a key cost covered by this revenue, and no full-time staff have been terminated

Student activities occurring virtually

Transcript Fee Fee - Academic Records $12.00 Covers costs associated with commencement, provision of transcripts and applying for graduation, and diploma printing and mailing Expenses covered by this fee remain the same
Child Care Fee Fee - Childcare Services $10.00

Pays for operational expenses for the building, including janitorial service and maintenance expenses for portion of building used as lab/classroom space

Pays for capital improvements and major repairs

Stipends for childcare for enrolled parent-students meeting certain criteria

Pays 25% of salary for liaison (coordinates classes coming to center for observation)


Operational expenses to maintain the building during closure

Child care center is currently closed, and therefore no subsidies awarded to student-parents at present

Student Involvement and Representation Fee Fee- SIRF $2.00 Covers expenses incurred by running student government activities and advocacy programs Student government is ongoing and remote
Athletics Fee Fee - Athletics $100.00

Pay salaries for coaches, support staff, administrators, trainers, and communications personnel

Pay stipends for tutors for student-athletes, pay portion of student-athlete financial aid, and purchase resources for student-athlete support center

Purchase team apparel, equipment, medical supplies, and pay for repair to high-use equipment

Pay student-athlete team travel costs, entrance fees for tournaments, and marketing expenses

Salaries are a key cost covered by this revenue, and no full-time staff have been terminated

Paying stipends for tutors for student-athletes and paying portion of student-athlete financial aid; tutoring occurring remotely

Medical services for student-athletes still available, but, where possible, provided remotely

Bound by contracts for purchase of apparel, equipment, and supplies

Instructionally Related Activities Fee Fee - IRA $5.00 Funds grants for student- or faculty-run academic or community projects (examples: alternative spring break for Habitat for Humanity, student dance class, speaker series)

Grants approved prior to COVID have been put on hold (were all for in-person activities)

Will receive grant proposals in December 2020 and April 2021

Health Facilities Fee - Health Facilities $20.00

Pays mortgage on health center building, pays for renovations and repairs to building

Pays for portion of purchase of medical equipment

Pays for medical-grade custodial services for building

Small portion ($5) helps cover health and mental health services (see below)

Expenses covered by this fee remain the same

Health and Mental Health Services Fees Fee - Health Services


(Mental Health)


Pays salaries of health center employees (including health care providers); health and mental health educators; psychologist; student case manager (assists students with food and housing insecurity and mental health issues, etc.)

Purchases supplies for health center (including medical supplies) and pays for portion of purchase of medical equipment

Subsidizes health care provided to students and partially subsidizes cost of medical supplies for students

Funds after-hours crisis line for students

Pays for programming for students concerning substance abuse awareness, nutrition, sexual violence prevention, domestic violence prevention, and other topics

Pays to train faculty/staff to recognize students in distress

Pays for research and studies

Epenses covered by this fee remain the same

Salaries are a key cost covered by this revenue, and no full-time staff have been terminated

All services ongoing, but, where possible, services and programming offered remotely

Recreation Fee Fee - Student Recreation $35.00

Pays salaries for staff who run the department and for students who lead excursions, offer fitness classes, referee intramural games, etc.

Pays fees for third-party contractors to offer fitness classes, lead excursions, referee sports club games, offer specialized training (yoga, martial arts), etc.

Subsidize travel for outdoor excursions (hiking, driving, renting campsites, etc.), student costs for participating in recreational activities, and travel and competition costs for intramural and sports clubs

Pay insurance and for staff training, certification, and professional development

Pay to repair or replace equipment and rent fields as necessary

Salaries are a key cost covered by this revenue, and no full-time staff have been terminated

In-person events on hold, but virtual programming available (including virtual fitness classes and outdoor excursions)

Pay insurance and for staff training, certification, and professional development (occurring remotely)

Repair and replacement of equipment

University Student Union (USU) Fee - Student Union $315.00 ($240 does to USU, $50 to Clarke Field House, $25 to Sports Center)

Pay mortgage/construction bond, for capital improvements (such as plumbing and HVAC repair), and for utilities and insurance

Put in reserves for various capital improvements and repairs

Pay salaries for staff who run the department and for student employees

Support the operational needs of affinity groups housed in the USU

Pay to repair and replace furniture

Pay programming (speakers, performers, vendors) and marketing costs

Mortgage/construction bond is primary expense and is ongoing

Salaries are a key cost covered by this revenue, and no full-time staff have been terminated

Student Centers operating remotely

Programming occurring remotely; services offered remotely

Commuter student lounge and computer lab remain open

Monday-Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10:00am -3:00pm
Thursday-Sunday: Closed