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Student Organization Account Services

Student Org Banking

ASI is responsible for the accounting side of your student organization account. We can help you make deposits, spend money, and invoice properly. If you need to request a reimbursement, please complete the Expenditure Request Form at If you need to make a deposit, refer to your personalized deposit form, or download the blank copy below and take your deposit up to Cashier’s in Cougar Central (Craven 3800). For more information, please refer to ICSUAM 3141.01 Administration of Student Organization Funds.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is my student organization's fund number?

    Your fund number is listed in your recognition letter sent by Student Life & Leadership (SLL). You can also get your student organization's fund number by emailing the Student Organization & Project Specialist, Natalie Marshall at or visiting the ASI Front Desk in USU 3700.
  • How do I use my student organization's funds?

    There are three options for making purchases using your student organization's funds:
    1. Someone in the club makes a  purchase (example: pizza for a meeting) and submits an Expenditure Request Forms (ERF) with the itemized receipt to be reimbursed.
    2. An ERF made out to the vendor is submitted and a check is generated in the company’s name. A Payee Data Form must be completed if the vendor has not been paid before. 
    3. The ASI Student Org. Credit Card is used to pay for purchases over $100 and an ERF made out to ASI is submitted prior to using the card.
  • How long will my reimbursement take?

    Reimbursements are issued about 1-2 weeks AFTER the Expenditure Request Forms (ERF) has been completed with all the necessary signatures. Reimbursement checks are generally requested on Mondays and generated on Thursdays. If this is your first time being reimbursed or you have an address/name change, then accounting will need additional time to create/modify your account.
  • How do I use the ASI Credit Card?

    Submit an Expenditure Request Form (ERF) made out to:

    Associated Students, Inc. 
    333 S. Twin Oaks Valley Rd
    San Marcos, CA 92096

    Once the ERF has been approved, make an appointment to use the ASI Credit Card with the Student Organization & Project Specialist at least 48 hours in advanced. There is a $100 minimum to use the ASI Credit Card. Purchases over $2,500 need additional approval and may need additional time to accommodate. There is a monthly balance for the ASI credit card, therefore this form of payment is first come first served.

  • How do I check my student organization's balance?

    Student organization balances are posted on this page under "Information" and are updated weekly. If you would like a breakdown of your account’s activity, please contact the Student Organization & Project Specialist.
  • How can a campus department transfer funds to my student organization?

    In order to transfer funds from a campus department to a student organization fund, ASI will have to issue an invoice. Please email the Student Organization & Project Specialist, Natalie Marshall at the following information:
    • Student organization receiving the funds
    • Department giving the funds
    • Email of the person within the department who should receive the invoice
    • Amount you are receiving
    • Reason for receiving the funds
  • How do I get access my student organization's fund account?

    At the end of the Student Life & Leadership (SLL) recognition process, the student organization’s President, Treasurer, and Advisor sign the Funds Administration Agreement (FAA). The officers who sign the FAA are the only ones who can sign off on Expenditure Request Forms (ERF). If you are having issues completing the form, please visit SLL in USU 3600 or email
  • How do I formally make an officer change for my student organization?

    Please complete the Officer Change Form on the Student Organization Recognition Page of the Student Life & Leadership (SLL) website. Once the officer change is approved, SLL will send the Funds Administration Agreement (FAA) to the new officers. If you are having issues completing either form, please visit SLL in USU 3600 or email


Office Hours

Summer Hours

  • Monday: 9 am–4 pm
  • Tuesday: 9 am–4 pm
  • Wednesday: 9 am–4 pm
  • Thursday: 9 am–4 pm
  • Friday: 9 am–1 pm

If you need immediate support with your student organization account outside of these hours, please visit the ASI Front Desk in USU 3700.


If you have any questions about student organization accounts, please contact Natalie Marshall at or (760)750-6002.