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Student Organizations

Welcome to the CSUSM Student Organizations website!  Student Organizations offer a wide variety of opportunities for students to enhance their academic and social life on campus. Students can choose from over 100 recognized student organizations to get involved with, or start their own!

As a result of getting involved, students develop a campus support network, build interpersonal skills, and engage in the Tukwut Experience. Student Organization leaders grow their leadership skills and plan fun activities for their organization and the campus at large.  Current student leaders report that their communication, interpersonal, and social skills have improved as a result of being involved on campus and in the CSUSM community. If you're looking to get involved and grow your skills, student orgs are a great place to start!

Get Involved

If you're a student looking to get involved in an organization, start here!

Resources for Student Org Leaders & Advisors

If you're a leader or advisor of a student organization, see below for resources to help you manage your organization. Checking this website will probably be the fastest way to answer your questions! If you still can't find what you're looking for after after searching the site and the Student Org Handbook, feel free to contact us.

Student Org Forms

For more information or questions, visit the Student Leadership & Involvement Center (USU 3600) or send us an email at

Student Org Events