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Transgender Students

This document presents the CSUSM Fraternity and Sorority Life approach on inclusion of transgender individuals.

Over the past three years, Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) at CSUSM has undergone a variety of trainings and workshops in an attempt to understand diversity and inclusion as it stood in their organizations. These included SafeZone Community Workshops for all organizations, diversity trainings for all new members, and discussions at the annual Fraternity and Sorority Leadership retreat. In summer 2016, members of the FSL community made a decision to move forward with creating a openly, trans-inclusive FSL community. Since then we have collected information regarding membership requirements from national organizations to ensure CSUSM students and community members have this information readily available.

This work reflects a commitment to anti-discrimination practices in relation to all trans individuals (potential new members, active members, alumni, volunteers, and staff). This policy ensures their rights to express themselves and live authentically as respected and valued members of our community.

The purpose is to establish an environment that is safe, welcoming, and free from stigma and discrimination for all potential new members, active members, alumni, volunteers, and staff regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The organizations with the trans flag below next to their contact information are welcoming and inclusive of trans individuals. Any conduct which fosters a hostile environment for trans individuals will not be tolerated. These organizations will include trans individuals as members in all areas of the organization as long as they are willing to accept and share in the collective values of the organization, meet eligibility requirements, and fulfill all expectations and requirements of all members.

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