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Student Organization Advisor Information

Advisor Interest Form

If you are interested in serving as an advisor of a student organization, please visit the Advisor Interest Form below. SLIC will keep your information on file and contact you regarding future opportunities to advise a student organization.

Advisor Interest Form

Purpose of Student Organization Advisors

The University requires that all campus-recognized student organizations have an official student organization advisor. The advisor must be a Cal State San Marcos faculty or staff member who is willing to provide guidance and support to the organization above and beyond their duties as a Cal State San Marcos professional. The advisor serves in a voluntary capacity to the student organization and provides direction, advice and continuity to both the members and officers of the student organization.

SLIC commends the extra time commitment and effort put forth by advisors. It is our hope that the relationships that form between the organization's members and their advisor more than compensate for the responsibilities taken on by the advisor. The opportunity to be part of the student's development is something already valued by the professionals on this campus and we thank advisors for accepting this enhanced role in students' lives.

SLIC would like to partner with you to support and develop the organization you advise.  SLIC will communicate with you regarding large on-campus events for your organization and will also work with you to gather all relevant university recognition documents related to the student organization.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact your organization's SLIC Coordinator: 

Advisor Contacts
Organization Category SLIC Coordinator Email
Academic, Cultural, Honor Societies, Political Religious, Service, Special Interest, Sport Clubs Tyler Vuillemot 
Fraternities & Sororities Cristian McGough

Resources for Advisors

Advisors are encouraged to utilize this website to learn more about student organization policies, procedures, and resources. The Student Org Handbook and Training Archive linked below are a great place to start, but we encourage you review the rest of this site as well!


Please contact the Student Leadership & Involvement Center at (760) 750-4970 or for questions or more information.