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Community Reporting

On September 13, 2022, the state of California signed into legislation Assembly Bill No. 524: Postsecondary education: Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Transparency Act (AB 524; Sections 66310-66312 of California Education Code), which requires each institution of higher education to include a requirement that any recognized sorority or fraternity submit to the institution on or before July 1 annually, specified information concerning the sorority’s or fraternity’s members and their conduct. The bill requires each institution with sororities or fraternities to compile and maintain the collected information into a publicly accessible report posted, and archived, on each respective campus’ Greek Life internet homepage or its equivalent for a minimum of 10 years and sent through a campuswide email to all enrolled students on or before October 1 annually.

2022-2023 Campus-Recognized Sorority and Fraternity Report Summary

    Chapter (Alpha Order) Total Active Members New Members Recognized Status
    Alpha Chi Omega 72 35 Recognized
    alpha Kappa Delta Phi 9 6 Recognized
    Alpha Omicron Pi 79 33 Recognized
    Alpha Pi Sigma 8 4 Recognized
    Alpha Psi Rho 11 4 Recognized
    Alpha Sigma Phi 27 10 Recognized
    Alpha Xi Delta 79 21 Recognized
    Delta Zeta 60 24 Recognized
    Gamma Phi Beta 62 20 Recognized
    Kappa Sigma 50 26 Recognized
    Nu Alpha Kappa 16 12 Recognized
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon 49 27 Recognized
    Sigma Chi 45 12 Recognized
    Sigma Gamma Rho 2 1 Recognized

    Unrecognized Groups

    An “unrecognized” fraternity or sorority is one which chooses to exist “off campus” and does not follow the California State University San Marcos policies and regulations, or the requirements and policies of their governing council(s). In many cases, these organizations seem to operate like recognized organizations, but they are NOT affiliated with California State University San Marcos. These organizations do not have any of the privileges recognized organizations have earned. These organizations have not been recognized by the institution for various reasons OR have had their recognition revoked by the institution for various reasons, including such things as hazing, alcohol and drug abuse, risk management violations, and failure to comply with University policies and expectations.

    Membership or participation could increase safety concerns for students, as these groups are not accountable to University policies or procedures. The University recommends that students do not join or participate in any sponsored activity by the listed groups:

    • Theta Chi Fraternity


    Chapter (Alpha Order) *All Members Cumulative GPA **New Members Cumulative GPA
    Alpha Chi Omega 3.18 N/A
    alpha Kappa Delta Phi 2.81 N/A
    Alpha Omicron Pi 3.17 N/A
    Alpha Pi Sigma 3.11 N/A
    Alpha Psi Rho 2.88 N/A
    Alpha Sigma Phi 2.98 N/A
    Alpha Xi Delta 3.29 N/A
    Delta Zeta 3.08 N/A
    Gamma Phi Beta 3.24 N/A
    Kappa Sigma 3.05 N/A
    Nu Alpha Kappa 2.92 N/A
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2.92 N/A
    Sigma Chi 3.12 N/A
    Sigma Gamma Rho N/A N/A

    *Organizations with less than 5 members are not reported.
    **New Member Cumulative GPA was not collected for the 2022-2023 academic year.

    Community Cumulative GPA

    All Chapters 3.05
    All Fraternities 3.02
    All Sororities 3.01
    All New Members N/A


    Chapter (Alpha Order) Hours of Service Funds Raised
    Alpha Chi Omega 5 $23,000.00
    alpha Kappa Delta Phi 90 $3,425.00
    Alpha Omicron Pi 395 $15,047.00
    Alpha Pi Sigma 5 $700.00
    Alpha Psi Rho 120 $759.76
    Alpha Sigma Phi 10 $3,000.00
    Alpha Xi Delta 670 $14,676.66
    Delta Zeta 12 $8,000.00
    Gamma Phi Beta 5 $6,726.25
    Kappa Sigma 2,000 $850.00
    Nu Alpha Kappa 10 $600.00
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1,078 $3,523.00
    Sigma Chi 800 $30,033.00
    Sigma Gamma Rho 25 $43.00

    Community Hours of Service and Funds Raised

      Hours of Service Funds Raised
    All Chapters 5,225 $118,383.67
    All Fraternities 4,023 $61,765.76
    All Sororities 1,202 $48,617.91


    Chapter (Alpha Order) Conduct Status
    Alpha Chi Omega Good Standing
    alpha Kappa Delta Phi Good Standing
    Alpha Omicron Pi Good Standing
    Alpha Pi Sigma Academic Probation (completed Jan 2023)
    Alpha Psi Rho Good Standing
    Alpha Sigma Phi Good Standing
    Alpha Xi Delta Good Standing
    Delta Zeta Good Standing
    Gamma Phi Beta Good Standing
    Kappa Sigma Good Standing
    Nu Alpha Kappa Good Standing
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Probation (completed Oct 2022)
    Sigma Chi Good Standing
    Sigma Gamma Rho Good Standing
    No affiliated chapter houses at CSUSM


    Chapter (Alpha Order) Events Disciplinary Actions Against Chapter
    Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega Events N/A
    alpha Kappa Delta Phi alpha Kappa Delta Phi Events N/A
    Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Omicron Pi Events N/A
    Alpha Pi Sigma Alpha Pi Sigma Events N/A
    Alpha Psi Rho Alpha Psi Rho Events N/A
    Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Sigma Phi Events N/A
    Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Xi Delta Events N/A
    Delta Zeta Delta Zeta Events N/A
    Gamma Phi Beta Gamma Phi Beta Events N/A
    Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Events N/A
    Nu Alpha Kappa Nu Alpha Kappa Events N/A
    Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Events N/A
    Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Events N/A
    Sigma Gamma Rho Sigma Gamma Rho Events N/A


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