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Polices Related to Student Organizations

Student Organization Policies

The Dean of Students Office provides a streamlined reference page with policies that directly impact the student experience.

In addition to this great resource, SLL is pleased to provide additional policy links that directly impact recognized student organizations:

Risk Management

Food Safety Guidelines for On-campus Groups and Student Organizations  

CSU Executive Order 966: Alcohol Sales and Advertising Policy

CSUSM Facilities Use 


Listed below are the approved campus bulletin boards and posting locations.

Board Number   Building  Location Description of Location
1 Outdoor Founders Plaza      Courtyard Kiosk
2 Science Hall I Second Floor Across from Room 208
3 Academic Hall      First Floor Breezeway Next to Room 102    
4 Academic Hall Second Floor Next to Room 204
5 Academic Hall Second Floor Next to Room 211
6 Academic Hall Third Floor Outside Hallway
7 University Hall Second Floor Next to Room 271
8 University Hall Second Floor Next to Room 237
9 University Hall Fourth Floor Next to Room 444
10 Science Hall II First Floor Next to Room 109
11 Science Hall II Second Floor Next to Room 242
12 Science Hall II Third Floor Next to Room 309
13 Arts Building First Floor Next to Room 151
14 Arts Building Second Floor Outside Lobby next to Arts 240
15 Markstein Hall First Floor Lobby Across from Elevators
16 Markstein Hall Second Floor Lobby Across from Elevators
17 Markstein Hall Third Floor Lobby Across from Elevators

Domestic Travel with Student Organizations

Faculty or Staff advisors organizing travel with these student clubs, associations, organizations, or Greek societies must follow the following steps before travel begins:

  1. Notify Student Life & Leadership that travel with a student organization will occur. 
  2. Have each participant execute a Release of Liability Waiver  prior to traveling. 
  3. Please note that if the student participant is a minor, the student's guardian(s) must execute the Release of Liability PDF.  
  4. Inform the Student Life & Leadership Coordinator when the Release and Guidelines have been executed.
  5. Email a scanned copy of the Participant Waiver to University Police Department. Ensure the relevant organization retains the original copy.
  6. Unless these forms are executed and returned, CSUSM will not authorize or support travel.

CSU Executive Order 1041

Potential Funding Sources

Please visit Student Affairs and/or Associated Students, Inc. to determine if student travel funds are available.


Please contact the Student Life & Leadership Coordinator. The campus also has a comprehensive page outlining all CSUSM policies