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Food Safety Program

The California Retail Food Code (CalCode) outlines requirements for the sale or distribution of food to the public by restaurants, cafeterias, mobile food facilities, catering services and temporary food facilities (special events).

Campus Food Facilities

Safety, Health & Sustainability (SHS) routinely inspects and permits permanent food facilities on campus to ensure they maintain the highest standards of safe food handling and cleanliness.  At a minimum, all facilities must comply with CalCode.

Temporary Food Facilities (Special Events)

To ensure the public does not become ill from a food event on campus, a Temporary Food Facility Permit is required for public events where food is sold or given away.

Exception: Internal meetings and invitation only events are generally excluded from these requirements because they are considered private events.

On-Campus Groups and Student Organizations

Temporary Food Permit Application

Off-Campus Groups and Commercial Vendors

Temporary Food Permit Application

When scheduling a special event, ensure that you are meeting all Campus requirements by coordinating with Event and Conference Services and CSUSM Corporation.

County of San Diego Food Program

Questions? Please contact Jennifer Ralph at 760-750-4502 or