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911 (FROM CAMPUS PHONES) or 760-750-4567

***Duck, Cover And Hold On***

  1. Stay where you are protected from falling objects. and remain calm. Take cover under a table or desk and hold on.
  2. Stay away from windows, overhead fixtures, tall objects, and electrical equipment.
  3. If there is nothing to shield you, duck and hold on to  an interior wall. Shield your head and face from
    falling debris
  4. In a classroom or auditorium, stay where you are and protect yourself by getting undercover or covering your head with your arms. Do not rush for the exit.
  5. In a chemical laboratory, be prepared for falling chemical containers. You may need to evacuate the area immediately. 
  6. If you are outside move to an open area away from buildings, trees, utility wires, and overhead structures.
  7. If driving, pull over to the nearest open area and stop. Stay in the vehicle until the shaking stops.