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Biological Spill

Normal business hours: 760-750-4502

After hours: 911 (FROM CAMPUS PHONES) or 760-750-4567

  1. Notify others in the area, to prevent contamination of additional personnel and environment.
  2. Remove any contaminated clothing and wash exposed skin with disinfectant. 
  3. Wearing the proper PPE (gloves, lab-coat, face protection or eye protection)  cover spill with paper towels, pour concentrated disinfectant around the spill allowing it to mix with spilled material. Allow suitable contact time (15 minutes). 
  4. Discard all disposable materials used to clean up the spill into a biohazard bag. 
  5. Wash hands with soap and hand-washing disinfectant. 
  6. Inform Supervisor, and, if assistance is needed, consult with SH&S at 760-750-4502