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Hazardous Materials Management

NEW: CSUSM Personal Protective Equipment for Laboratories Program

Faculty and staff working in campus laboratories can find information in the PPE in Laboratories Safety Short or read the complete Personal Protective Equipment - Laboratories program document.

  • Fume Hood Certification

    SH&S certifies the fume hoods annually using an anemometer and established protocols to ensure the face velocity is above the minimum values established by Cal/OSHA. The exhaust system needs to have an average face velocity of at least 100 feet per minute with a minimum of 70 fpm at any point within the fume hood. Users can see the sticker on the side of the fume hood that indicates when the fume hood was certified and what the average face velocity is. The sticker also indicates the maximum operating sash height while working in the fume hood.

    fume hood certification

  • Alarming Fume Hood

    If the alarm on a fume hood is sounding:

    • Contact Facility Services at 760-750-4601.
    • Do not work in the fume hood.
  • Chemical Storage Compatability