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Environmental Protection Programs

The purpose of CSUSM's Environmental Protection Programs is to protect the environment by preventing release of hazardous materials to the air, soil, or water.

Sierra Vista High School Partnership

Cal State San Marcos and Sierra Vista High School have developed a partnership program that has been running for over twenty years. This program was designed to instruct and train the students in various aspects such as: general life skills, vocational skillsets, and learn how be an active participant in the community. All these skills are taught in efforts to help the students gain employment and become more independent.

2012 Kick Butt Event

In 2012, Dr. Devan Romero got a group of volunteers to collect cigarette butts for one hour at CSUSM. That day, over 5000 cigarette butts were diverted from potentially entering the the storm drains and polluting the waters. These toxic butts are very hazardous to the environment.

kick butt of campus

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact SR&S at (760) 750-4502.