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Coming Soon: CSURMA Sponsored Safety-Risk Forum

Information regarding the upcoming 2-day academic lab safety and risk training forum. This training forum will be held at select campuses and offered as an open invitation to all ISTs, EHS staff and faculty in the CSU system.

SH&S Trainings


Contact SH&S for guidance on specific training requirements for your employees.

Additional information available at CAL OSHA Safety Training Matrix

Are you looking for a training that we currently do not provide? Please make your suggestions by emailing Safety, Health & Sustainability.

Directions to log-in to trainings:

  1. Open the Employee Training Center website
  2. Click on the “LearnerWeb Login” button.
  3. Login to the ETC using your campus username and password.
  4. Click on “Course Search” tab.
  5. Open desired training module.
  6. Click ‘launch’ buttons to begin training.
  7. NOTE: Please do not close the pop-up window or else your progress will not be recorded

Training Descriptions: 

Advanced first aid for life-threatening bleeding control.  This includes tourniquet-use and advanced wound dressing.​

  • Aerial (Scissor) Lift
     This training is designed for those employees who work with scissor lifts within the scope of their employment.

    Recommended: Facilities Employees
    Required: All employees that use this type of equipment.
    Authority >> CCR T8 3648 (1) (7), 3638 & 3657 (i)


  • Animal Handlers
     This training is conducted to provide awareness of allergies that can possibly be caused by exposure to laboratory animals.

    Recommended: for students that handle laboratory animals for research or instructional purposes.
    Required: All employees that handle laboratory animals for research or instructional purposes.
    Authority >> CCR T8 3203 & the Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee

    Available Upon Request
  • Back Safety
    This training is designed for those employees who work in areas where bending and lifting heavy items is an integral part of their job. The class includes warm up exercises and instruction in proper lifting techniques as well as scenarios for on the job problem solving.
    Recommended: Computing, Facilities and Parking Services Employees
    Authority >> CCR T8 3203 (General IIPP)

    Available Upon Request
  • Bloodborne Pathogen Training

    This annual regulatory required training covers all university employees who have the potential for occupational exposures with blood or potentially infectious materials during the course of their job duties. Bloodborne pathogens include, but are not limited to, Hepatitis B, and C and HIV.
    Recommended: Facilities and Student Health Services Employees
    Required: All employees that are exposed to bloodborne pathogen hazards.
    >> CCR T8 5193 (5) (C)

    Available Upon Request

  • Confined Space Training
    For employees that will be encountering confined spaces in their job duties.
    Required: Facility Services employees that are on the confined space team.
    Authority >> CCR T8 5157 (g)
  • CPR/First Aid/AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

    This comprehensive course trains individuals in the workplace to prevent prepare for and respond to workplace emergencies. Participants will learn and practice adult CPR, rescue breathing, choking rescue and first aid skills such as bleeding control, treatment of burns, fractures, shock and seizures. This class also instructs participants in the use of the automated external defibrillator (AED) which can help sustain the life of a victim of sudden cardiac arrest until medical personnel arrive and take over. 

    For more information, please visit the CPR/First Aid webpage.

    Presenter: Safety, Health & Sustainability.
    Recommended: Staff, faculty and student employees according to job duties.
    Authority >> CCR T8 3400 (b)

  • Defensive Driving

    The Defensive Driving Program is a state requirement which instructs individuals to drive safely. Any state employee (staff/faculty/volunteer/student employee) who is driving a state vehicle, powered cart or claiming mileage while driving their personal vehicle on university business must complete this program. Successful completion of the Defensive Driver Training Program is required at least once every four (4) years.
    Required: All employees that drive on University Business.
    Authority >> SAM 0752 & 0751

    Defensive Driving Information Page

    Please use the Employee Training Center for the defensive driving schedule. If you have any questions you can call us at 760-750-4502  
  • Emergency Action Plan (EAP)/Emergency Preparedness(EP)

    Emergency Action Plans address the needs of faculty, staff, students, and visitors at specific locations during emergency situations, such as fires, hazardous spills, earthquakes, flooding, explosion, and civil disorder.  The training provides information regarding preparedness and response.  The requirement can be fulfilled by attending IIPP training or through the training provided by the emergency manager.
    Required: all University Employees
    Authority >> CCR T8 3220,

    Training is delivered during New Employee Orientation on the second Tuesday of each month. Contact HR for the next scheduled orientation.

  • Fire Extinguisher

    This training is intended for all campus personnel who are interested in the correct method of extinguishing a fire using the portable fire extinguishers found on campus. The training is comprised of class lecture on different types of fires and the extinguishers available to put them out.
    Recommended: UPD, first responders and building marshals.
    Authority >> CCR T8 6151

    Available Upon Request.

  • First Responder Awareness

    It is intended to train campus personnel who work in hazardous areas in dealing with small hazardous material emergency response.
    Recommended: Facilities, Parking Services and University Police Employees.
    All employees whose primary scope involves mitigating hazardous material response and spills.
    Authority >> CCR T8 5192

    Contact SH&S at ext. 4502 to schedule training.

  • Food Service Safety

    For clubs and student organizations that are interested in serving food for purchase on campus.
    Campus Community
    >> H&S Code 113716 (a)

    The online course is available through the LearnerWeb portal of the ETC. In person classes are available upon request.

  • Hazard Communication & Lab Safety/ Hazardous Waste

    To ensure that employees know the properties and potential safety and health hazards of the materials which they use or to which they are exposed. To ensure laboratory safety operations are applied and users are aware of potential hazards.
    Employees that work with hazardous materials or waste. This training is for employees from Facility Services, Energy Management & Utility Services, Laboratories, and Visual Arts personnel.
    >> California Code of Regulations Title 8 5194 (b) (1), 5191 (f), Title 22 Section 66265.16

    Register: Faculty, Staff and Students, please register in the Employee Training Center.

    Trainings are scheduled at the beginning of the Fall semester, beginning of the Spring semester and at the beginning of the Summer session.

    Employees meeting the requirements will be sent emails containing the upcoming schedule including times, dates and locations. Employees may then register in Learnerweb for their desired training session.


    1. Click on the “LearnerWeb Login” button.
    2. Login to the ETC using your campus username and password.
    3. Click on “Schedule”
    4. Click on the Safety Training you would like to attend (click on Next for the ensuing month), and click Register
    5. Required for Faculty, Staff or Student employees that work with hazardous materials or waste. Training for PI’s every 3 yrs., Adjunct Professors/Employees/Students annually.
  • HAZWOPER Refresher

    This annual training will be scheduled by an SH&S specialist. A calendar invite will be sent out two week prior to training. This is an eight-hour training.

  • Heat Illness and Prevention
    This training is provided to employees that work outside for extended periods and may be exposed to Illnesses associated with heat.
    Recommended: Facilities, UP, and Parking Services Employees.
    Required: all employees whose work entails the possibility of heat exposure.
    Authority >> CCR T8 3395

    Available upon request
    Please RSVP by calling x4502 or

    Self Administered Training Documents:

    Heat Illness and Prevention Paper Training
  • Industrial Shop Safety

    The information included in the self administered trainings is designed to adhere to the Cal-OSHA Title 8 Sections referring to the use of machine shop equipment and considered as operational guidelines for working in CSUSM shops. The sections have been written and are enforced for your safety, and as such shall be followed at all times. Designated users are responsible to know and understand all of the operational parameters of the equipment they will be safely working with as well as the housekeeping requirements and any other facility/room specific requirements. If there are questions concerning this training please contact the SH&S personnel shown in the Occupational Safety and Shop Safety Sections or call Ext. 4502.
    Recommended: All CSUSM machine shop equipment users
    Required: All CSUSM machine shop equipment users
    Authority >> Cal-OSHA CCR Title 8 1) §3300, §3301, §3303, §3315, §3317, §3320, §3325, §3328, §3340, §3341, §3380 -3386, §3390, §3400

    Self-Administered Training Documents:
    Industrial Shop Safety

  • Injury Illness & Prevention

    The training covers employee rights & responsibilities in regards to occupational safety, fire safety, emergency preparedness, ergonomics, and other services Safety, Health & Sustainability provide.
    Required: All University Employees every 3 years.
    Authority >> CCR T8 3203, 5194 (b) (1), 3220 (e),3221(d) & T19 2520

    Available upon request for department meetings.

    IIPP training is delivered during New Employee Orientation on the second Tuesday of each month. Contact Human Resources at 760-750-4418 for the next scheduled orientation.

  • Lockout/Tagout/Blockout
    This course provides for procedures for employees who maintain any electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and other energy systems, which could unexpectedly start up and cause injury. Authorized employees will isolate and lock and tag the equipment to warn others that maintenance is occurring and equipment cannot be operated. This training is required for some Facility Services employees. Lockout/blockout means that any energy source whether electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, compressed air, or any other source that might cause unexpected movement must be disengaged or blocked, and electrical sources must be de-energized and LOCKED or positively sealed in the OFF position.
    Recommended: Facilities Employees.
    Required: all employees that are working with the situation described above.
    Authority >> CCR T8 3314 (a)
  • Powered Cart Safety

    The University's Powered Cart Safety Program is designed to support the safety needs of those employees and students who either operate or oversee the use of the Electrical Cart Vehicles used throughout campus. This program provides the initial training and safety rules governing the use of powered carts on campus.

    Required: ALL staff and student employees using electrical carts
    Authority >> DOT T49 Sec. 571.500, CFR T29 1910.178 (a) (1), & CCR T8 3650

    The powered cart safety training can now be completed through the Employee Training Center.  For special requests please call 760-750-4502.

  • Radiation Safety Training

    For all users of radioactive material and anyone that works in the areas where radioactive material is permitted.
    Required: Employees who work with Radioactive Materials
    >> CCR T17, 10CFR 20, & the Radioactive Materials License

    Radiation Safety Forms
    Documentation for New & Continuing Research Assistants

  • Respirator Training

    For all users of respirators on campus for job related activities - this training includes respirator fit testing.
    Required: For all employees utilizing respiratory protective equipment, including mandatory use of N-95's, half face respirators, full face respirators and CRBN respirators.
    Authority >> CCR T8 5144


  • Safety Conference

    This training is provided to meet a broad overview of Safety trainings which include, but are not limited to, Bloodborne Pathogen, Confined Space, Lock Out Tag Out & Hazardous Communications, etc.
    Recommended: Facilities and Parking Services Employees

    *Contact your supervisor for the class that you are scheduled to attend

  • Sit Safe

    Sit Safe is an ergonomic training program intended to instruct employees on proper ergonomic principles. At the end of the training each employee is prepared to recognize and correct possible ergonomic hazards in their own work areas.
    Recommended: Campus Community

    Please RSVP by calling x4502

  • Stop the Bleed

    Advanced first aid for life-threatening bleeding control. This training includes tourniquet-use and advanced wound dressing.

    Limited to 15 people.

    Required: UPD and first responders

    Recommended: Campus Community

    Check Learnerweb Schedule and campus announcements for upcoming trainings.

  • Storm Water Management and Pollution Prevention

    To provide employees with an overview and knowledge of the CSUSM storm water management and pollution prevention goals, strategies, and operations. Required by the State of California to provide the information on the regulatory issues concerning storm water management principals.
    >> CCR Title 23 Title 28, and Title 33 under the State Water Resources Control Board along with Regional and Municipal water Districts.

    Required: Employees that may in skilled trades, grounds, custodial staff, and hazardous material handling.

    Self Administered Training Documents:

    PowerPoint Training

  • Supervisor/Investigator Safety

    Training is for Supervisors/Investigators working at Cal State San Marcos. It will cover Safety, IIPP, Workers' Compensation and Risk Management. It will also cover the responsibilities and liabilities of Supervisors, Leads and Managers in these subjects.

    As a supervisor, you have the responsibility to:
    1) Provide a Safe Workplace and Assign Safe Work
    You are required by law to take all reasonable precautions to protect your workers from illness or injury.
    2) Provide training and information
    Inform your workers of job hazards and train them to do their jobs safely.
    3) Provide supervision
    You must supervise your workers to ensure that they work safely and use equipment and protective devices properly where required.
    4) What are the penalties for failing to comply with any of these responsibilities?
    People failing to comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act are subject to fines of up to $25,000.

    Recommended: Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Lead Workers

    Please RSVP by calling SH&S at x4502

  • Trailer and Towing Safety **Under Construction**
    Pleaseview the trailerand towing safety video:
    Trailer and Towing Safety
    *it is recommended that this video be viewed using Internet Explorer*
  • Wilderness First Aid Training

    Designed for researchers and employees, who work or spends time in remote environments, this course teaches advanced skills to be used in emergencies when help from professional first responders may be far away. The course aligns with OSHA’s Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs.

    Required: For all employees doing field research or working in remote areas


  • Workstation Ergonomic Training

    This training is intended to provide individuals who are in the process of moving their offices information that will help you evaluate potential risks to the body during the moving operation and typical workstation tasks and practical methods to help relieve strains and fatigue.
    Employees who are currently involved in departmental moves.
    >> CCR T8 5110 (b) (3)
    AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST (to groups of 5 or more).

    Please RSVP by calling SH&S at x4502 or