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AED Virtual Map for CSUSM



Sudden cardiac arrest is a life threatening condition in which the heart stops circulating blood throughout the body. According to the American Heart Association, 350,000 Americans experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest each year.

While several electrical abnormalities can result in sudden cardiac arrest, the majority begin with ventricular fibrillation (VF). Rapid treatment of VF, through the application of a controlled electrical shock, is essential to the victim’s survival.

The CSUSM AED Program currently consists of 52 automated external defibrillator (AED) units to provide rapid access in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest event.

Anyone can use this life saving device by opening the case and following the verbal directions.   

In any campus emergency, immediately call University Police at 911 (campus phone) or 760-750-4567.

To use the AED:

  1. Open the lid and follow the verbal instructions
  2. Open the electrode pad package
  3. Place one pad on the person’s upper chest as shown on the diagram
  4. Place one pad on the person’s lower chest/side as shown on the diagram
  5. *It doesn’t matter which pad goes on first or on which side*
  6. Do not touch the person while the AED is analyzing
  7. Follow the AED’s verbal to apply a shock or give CPR

Safety, Health & Sustainability (SH&S) offers CPR/AED classes for the campus community.  If you are interested in attending a class, please contact SH&S at x4502 or

picture of aed unit

csusm map

  • Academic Hall

    2nd Floor: Central Entry Near the Stairs 
  • Arts Building

    1st Floor:Main Entry, West Wall 

    3rd Floor: West Column Near the Elevator 

  • Central Plant

    1st Floor:BSE Main Entry by the Restroom 
  • Clarke Field House

    South Wall Across From Main Counter 
  • Commons

    University Store: South Exit by Single Door 
  • Craven Hall

    1st Floor:Main Entry, South Wall

    3rd Floor: South Wall Near the Elevators

  • Foundation Building

    Walkway Between 107 & 106, West Wall 
  • Kellogg Library

    2nd Floor: Near Central Stair Case 

    3rd Floor: Saftery Board Area Near the Counter 

  • Markstein Hall

    1st Floor: North Wall at the Elevator Bank 

    3rd Floor: North Wall at the Elevator Bank 

  • McMahan House

    On the Wall Next to the Main Entrance 
  • Parking Structure

    Level 1: Near North Elevators 

    Level 6: Near South Elevators 

  • Public Safety Building

    PSB: Near Front Entrance
  • SBSB

    SBSB: 1st Floor - Next to Elevators 

    SBSB: 1st Floor - Next to Men's Restroom

    SBSB: 2nd Floor - Next to Women's Restroom 

    SBSB: 3rd Floor - Next to Women's Restroom 

    SBSB: 4th Floor - Next to Women's Restroom 

  • Science Hall 1

    2nd Floor:Main Entry, East Wall
  • Science Hall 2

    1st Floor: East Wall at Double Door Entry 

    2nd Floor: West Wall Near the Main Entry 

  • Sports Center

    Front: West Wall In Lobby Restroom Alcove

    Back: West Wall Across From Student Desk 

  • University Hall

    2nd Floor: East Main Entry 

    3rd Floor: School of Nursing Lobby 

  • University Services Building

    Outside Locksmith Rooms Loading Dock 
  • USU East Wing

    2nd Floor: West Wall Outside Ballroom Hallway 

    4th Floor: West Wall Across From Market 

  • USU West Wing

    4th Floor: West Wall Near Food Court Restrooms