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Miscellaneous Waste

  • Empty Helium Tanks
    • Fully open the green valve on top by turning it counter-clockwise all the way.
    • Push the black nozzle down to release any remaining pressure from the tank. Hold the nozzle down until the hissing noise stops.
    • Unscrew the white valve nut to remove the nozzle and discard.
    • While wearing eye protection and gloves, puncture the relief disc using a flathead screwdriver and hammer. Carefully remove the disc and discard.
    • Draw a circle around the hole and write "EMPTY" using permanent marker.
    • Recycle the empty tank in a blue EDCO dumpster or in the USB scrap metal conex box.

  • Empty Camping Gas (isobutane/propane) Canisters

    To support our goals for sustainability and waste minimization, SH&S encourages generators of this waste to take appropriate steps to recycle whenever practical. The following steps may be used as a guide to render canisters into a recyclable state for those who are comfortable in doing so.

    • Ensure the canister is completely empty. Burn off any remaining gas outside or in a well-ventilated area, away from open flames or ignition sources. Understand that the burn rate will be slow due to low pressure in the canister, so this may take a while. Even after the flame sputters out, keep the valve open to let residual vapors escape.
    • Once confident that the canister is empty of all traces of gas, puncture it (preferably with a designated tool).
      • A hammer and nail may be used with a cloth rag covering the canister to reduce the likelihood of generating a spark.
    • Draw a circle around each puncture hole with permanent marker and clearly label the canister as "EMPTY".
    • Recycle the empty tank in a blue EDCO dumpster or in the USB scrap metal conex box.


  • Spent Ink/Toner Cartridges
    • Distribution Services works with suppliers to send these back to manufacturers for recycling.
    • If the cartridges can fit in the mail box, you may put them in a sealable container/bag and send them through intracampus mail. Otherwise, you can bring them to Distribution Services at the University Services Building (USB).
    • If they are too big, or if there is a large quantity, please contact Distribution Services at 760-750-4535 for a pick-up request.
  • Broken Glass Boxes

    Submit a Facility Services Work Request, or call ext. 4600, and leave the box in the hallway for pickup.

    As a reminder:

    • Discarded glass should be free of chemical residue
    • There should be nothing other than broken glass in the box (e.g., gloves, wipes, trash)
    • Glass should not be protruding from the box
    • Common examples include Erlenmeyer flasks, beakers, and pipettes
    • Good practice: tape over the opening before requesting a pickup.