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Chemical Spill Response & Spill Kit Contents

Normal business hours: 760-750-4502

After hours: 911 (FROM CAMPUS PHONES) or 760-750-4567

  • What should be in the chemical spill kit?
    • Socks/Pads/Pillows
      • Pink pads if laboratory if there are acids or bases
      • Grey pillows are for solvents, oil, and liquid toxic chemicals
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • Safety glasses or goggles
    • Clear Plastic Bags - Barrier Tape
    • Absorbent
    • pH paper
    • Hazardous Waste Labels
    • Spill Standard Operating Procedures

    contents of spill kit

  • Minor chemical spill
    • Typically, a minor spill is less than a liter.
    • A minor chemical spill is one that laboratory workers can safely handle with the resources locally available and where there is no potential risk of health or physical hazards (i.e. fire, explosion, or chemical exposure).
    • The following minor chemical spill procedures should be used by knowledgeable and experienced laboratory workers only:
    • Alert people in the immediate area, and adjoining spaces, of the spill.
    • Notify a supervisor (PI) as soon as possible and safe to do so.
    • If the spilled material is flammable, turn off all ignition and heat sources.
    • Confine the spill to a small area.
    • Neutralize or absorb the spilled chemical with the proper clean up equipment/materials.
    • Ensure that the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) is worn during the cleanup (consult the SDS, PI, or SH&S).
    • Dispose materials as hazardous waste. Properly label waste container and notify SH&S via website for a waste pick up.
  • Major chemical spill
    • Only personnel who have been properly trained are authorized to contain and clean up a major hazardous chemical spill. The University has internal and external resources for responding to hazardous materials incidents. A major spill includes any spill that on scene personnel deem beyond their training or resources. These following steps can be taken, if safe to do so, to help minimize the impact of the spill:
    • Evacuate spill area of all affected workers and close doors to the affected area. Keep others away from the area.
    • If the spilled material is flammable, turn off all ignition and heat sources (only if safe).
    • Send someone to call 911 or ex. 4567 (UPD) and report the conditions to the police dispatcher. Ensure you are calling from a safe location.
    • Notify Principal Investigator and/or the Instructional Support Technician.
    • Notify the SH&S office at (760 750-4502)
    • Wait for trained personnel to arrive at the spill location before you leave.