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Fire Safety

911 (From campus phones) or 760-750-4567 from any phone in case of emergency

Fire Inspection Notice

Large Fire

  1. Remain Calm and alert people to evacuate.
  2. Check the doors for light, heat and smoke.  If safe proceed to evacuate in a crouched or crawling position.
  3. Activate the nearest alarm if they have not been automatically activated 
  4. Close the doors to confine the fire and use the stairs to arrive at an outside area that is safe.
  5. Call 911 or 4567 and provide the dispatcher with information regarding the incident and its location.
  6. Wait for an all clear provided by the Fire Department, University Police, or SH&S.

Small Fire

  1. A small fire can be extinguished without evacuation, however, readiness to immediately evacuate must be maintained in case the fire can not be controlled. 
  2. Fire extinguishers should be used only by trained personnel!
  3. Alert others in the room and activate the fire alarm.
  4. Smother fire by  using the appropriate type of  fire extinguisher.
  5. Aim extinguisher at base of fire and sweep from side to side.
  6. Always maintain an exit way in case the fire gets out of hand.

Extinguisher News

The chemical hygiene committee of Cal State San Marcos has approved these procedures to ensure compliance with the Uniform Fire Code. The principal investigator or the safety officer is responsible for the extinguishers in their immediate area. The requirements are as follows: user must be trained, weekly visual inspections of extinguishers, monthly documented inspections (on back of card) and annual charging or inspection by an approved contractor. The inspections entail the marking on the gauge to be in the green area, the hose intact, the unit shaken about, and the safety seal intact.