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Chemical Inventory

Safety, Health & Sustainability manages and updates the university's chemical inventory using CSUSM barcodes and an online application called Chimera. To request barcodes, send an email to

  • Accessing Chimera
    1. Go to the Chimera home page.
    2. Log in using your Chimera credentials.
  • Requesting a New User Account
    1. Go to the Chimera registration page.
    2. Fill out the required fields. Use your campus email.
    3. Type of access: Staff
    4. After completion, SH&S will review your request and a temporary password will be sent to your email. You may change your password after logging in.

    Please note: if you are not the lab manager or the PI of the laboratory you are requesting permission for, you will first need permission before SH&S can grant you access to the laboratory.

  • Viewing Laboratory Chemical Inventory and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    1. Select "Reports" at the top of the screen.
    2. Select "Inventory Report".
    3. Use the dropdown menu to select the building and room you want to view. A new tab or window will open displaying the inventory.
    4. To view the SDS of a chemical, click on its name under the "Product Name" column. The SDS will be downloaded onto your device.
  • Adding Un-Barcoded Chemicals to the Inventory
    1. Select "Inventory Management" at the top of the screen.
    2. Select "Add Inventory".
    3. Fill in information for all required fields (building, room, CSUSM barcode). Leave the "Static" slider unselected (red), then select "Save".
    4. Search by the Part/Lot/Cat # or the Product Name. Select the option that matches the product, then select "Add to Inventory".
    5. Fill in information for the additional fields (size, unit, container type, part number, CAS number, quantity), then select "Submit".
    6. Place the CSUSM barcode onto the manufacturer's container (e.g. amber bottle). Avoid covering up the chemical information with the barcode.
      • If CSUSM barcodes are needed, please contact SH&S (ext. 4502).
  • Removing Barcoded Chemicals from Inventory
    1. Select "Inventory Management" at the top of the screen.
    2. Select "Remove Inventory".
    3. Leave the slider on "Barcodes". Enter the CSUSM barcode number of the chemical to be removed and select "Remove Barcode". 

    This funciton is for removing chemicals that are no longer present in your lab. If you need a chemical removed from your lab as waste: please follow Steps 1-3 listed above (if applicable), fill out a Hazardous Waste label, affix it to the chemical container, and submit a Waste Pick-Up Request.

Accessing Chemical Inventory Program: Chimera

Chemical Inventory Program SOP