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Chemical Inventory

All laboratory chemicals are inventoried using RFID tags and managed through RSS Chemicals. To request RFID tags, send an email to

  • Accessing RSS Chemicals
    1. Go to and Sign In.
    2. Sign in using your CSUSM credentials.
    3. Expand the More Apps dropdown menu on the left and select Chemicals.
  • Viewing/Searching Your Inventory and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    1. From the RSS Chemicals homepage, select Search Chemicals to view your inventory. Use the search function to find a specific chemical currently in your inventory.
    2. Select a chemical's name to view its information, including how many containers you have of this chemical and the last recorded storage location of each container. You can also search/filter for specific containers.
    3. To view the chemical's Safety Data Sheet (SDS), scroll down to the Attachments section and select a PDF from one of the available manufacturers. The SDS will open in a new tab or window.
  • Adding Chemicals to Your Inventory
    1. From the RSS Chemicals homepage, select Add to Inventory.
    2. Search for the chemcial and select its name to view its information.
      • Pro Tip: Use the product number for chemicals from Fisher or Sigma-Aldrich.
    3. Affix a new RFID tag to the outside of the chemical container.
      • Only chemicals still in their manufacturer's container should be tagged. Do not inventory containers used for decanting chemicals into.
      • Contact SH&S to request more RFID tags.
    4. In the Containers section, select the add icon ( + ) and fill out the required fields.
    5. Select Save once finished.
  • Removing Chemicals from Your Inventory

    This funciton is for removing chemicals that are no longer present in your lab. If you need a chemical removed from your lab as waste: please follow Steps 1-6 below (if applicable), then fill out a Hazardous Waste label, affix it to the chemical container, and submit a Waste Pick-Up Request.

    1. From the RSS Chemicals homepage, select Search Chemicals.
    2. Search for the chemical you want to remove and select its name.
    3. In the Containers section, select the more icon (three vertical dots), then select Remove.
      • Ensure you select the correct container in RSS by verifying that the 24-digit barcode number shown matches what is printed on the physical RFID tag affixed to the bottle.
    4. The container will be "Marked for Deletion" and appear in a queue titled "Containers to Delete." If you want to remove more than one container and/or multiple different chemicals at the same time, simply select the remove icon (trash can) in the container's row to add it to the queue.
      • Returning to the Search Chemicals page will not lose items added to the queue.
    5. Once ready, select Delete and Confirm to remove all the containers that were in the queue.
      • WARNING: Removing chemicals is a permanent action that cannot be undone!
    6. If the chemical or its container needs to be managed as hazardous waste, please deface the letters "RSS" on the RFID tag with sharpie to indicate to SH&S that it has been removed from inventory prior to pick-up.

For additional information and instructions with pictures, including how to perform these functions in the UC Chemicals mobile app, please refer to our RSS Chemicals User Reference Guide.