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Safety, Health, and Sustainability is implementing a new set of tools that are designed to improve the safety and facilitate regulatory compliance in laboratories across campus.  CSUSM had originally began to use this software suite, which was developed at the University of California, earlier this year as we implemented the “Procedures” of these modules for use in our lock out tag out program

  • Inspect: An inspection tool that is customized specifically to our campus that manages the scheduling, completion and long-term tracking of safety inspections.  SH&S will be conducting its inspections using a mobile device, and will allow for the responsible area person(s) to easily address their findings through a desktop computer.
  • Assessment: This tool allows Principal Investigators to identify hazards related to their research.  They can then share this and other critical safety information about these hazards with the members of their laboratory.
  • Procedures: A program that allows a user to create Lockout/Tagout procedures for a variety of equipment in the work area.  Using any mobile device, a user can add pictures, make easy word edits and allow the completed procedure to be shared amongst users.