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Student Org Giving & Fundraising

Giving to Student Orgs

To give to a student organization, follow the link below to visit our Student Org Giving Form. Just choose the organization(s) you would like to give to, enter your payment information, and submit! You will receive a receipt or your gift for your records. Thank you for your support of student organizations at CSUSM! 

Give to Student Organizations

If you would like to discuss additional support of student organizations at CSUSM, please contact the Student Leadership & Involvement Center via email at or by phone at (760) 750-4970

Student Org Fundraising Tools

Recognized student organizations have the ability to utilize a variety of methods to raise funds to support the mission of the organization. See below for further information about what organization funds can be used for and what fundraising options are available to you as a student organization.

Reasons for Fundraising

Why might a student organization want to fundraise? Fundraising can help your organization raise money for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Educational Opportunities
    Organization funds can be used to pay for educational or developmental opportunities for members, such as attending a conference, bringing in a guest speaker, or enrolling in a training program. 
  • Event & Program Supplies
    Organization funds can be used to purchase supplies for events and meetings, such as food, beverages, decorations, or prizes, and to pay for space and equipment rental fees. 
  • Organization Spirit & Community
    Organization funds are sometimes used to build organization spirit and community by purchasing items like t-shirts, jackets, backpacks, or other spirit items for members. 

Fundraising Options

If your organization wants to raise funds, where do you start? Check out the following recommended options.

Options that do not require assistance or approval from University Advancement

  • Student Org Giving Site

    Students Organizations can encourage donors to give online via the Student Org Giving Form. This form allows donors to select the student organization they want to support and enter their payment information electronically. Funds are then deposited straight into the organization’s account. This new feature is the simplest way to get your organization the funding you need!


    • Easy to promote: Share the giving link on your social media channels and marketing materials!
    • Easy for donors: Donors can easily select your org from the list and set up a one-time or recurring donation electronically.
    • Easy for orgs: Donations made on the site are simple and secure. Funds are deposited directly into your org's account, and there is no need for handling cash or making a deposit.


    • The giving site collects a 5% processing fee for all donations.
    • The giving site may not be used as a point-of-sale system for goods or services (selling t-shirts, crafts, food, etc), but it can be used to collect Fair Share Donations (see below). 
  • Fair Share Donations

    Student organizations may choose to require members to contribute a fair share donation to support organization operations and cover expenses. The organization’s policies and procedures for fair share donations should be outlined in the organization’s constitution.

    Note: The giving site may be used to collect Fair Share Donations. Keep in mind, the site collects a 5% processing fee for all donations.

  • ASI Leadership Funding (ALF)

    ASI provides funding for student organization events and professional development activities. To learn more and apply, visit the ASI Leadership Funding website.

  • Co-Curricular Funding
    The Office of the President financially supports co-curricular events hosted by student organizations. Some examples of co-curricular events include graduation recognition ceremonies, cultural events, celebrations, and leadership conferences. To learn more and apply, visit the Co-Curricular Funding website
  • Student Org Market Days

    SLIC hosts 2-3 Student Org Market Day events each semester. Student Org Market Days are an opportunity for student organizations to table on campus and sell food, organization-branded apparel and merchandise, arts & crafts, and other items to raise funds. Signups are sent to student orgs via email at the beginning of each semester. For more information, contact

    Note: If your organization is interested in hosting a fundraising sale outside of the designated Student Org Fundraising Days, contact

    Student ladeling agua fresca into cup at Student Org Market Day.

  • Restaurant Fundraisers

    Student organizations may partner with restaurants both on and off-campus to to donate a portion of sales on a specific date to the organization. If your organization is planning to conduct a restaurant fundraiser, please contact SLIC via email at

Options that do require assistance and/or approval from University Advancement:

  • Cougar Crowdfunding

    Do you have a great idea, project, or event that could really take off with a little support? Cougar Crowdfunding is designed to help student organizations raise funds by sharing impactful stories to bring groups of donors together to fund specific projects during a time-constrained campaign.

    For more information, please visit the Cougar Crowdfunding website or contact Alex Perkins, Digital Giving Specialist, at

  • Customized Giving Link
    Recognized student organizations can submit a request for a customized giving URL unique to their organization. This unique link can be shared to an approved list of prospective donors. To request a link for your organization, contact Alex Perkins, Digital Giving Specialist, at
  • Soliciting donations from off-campus organizations
    If your organization is interested in asking off-campus companies, foundations, or other organizations for donations, please contact University Advancement can potentially provide support with any such requests, but they are subject to approval. 

Fundraising Tips & Tricks

  • Share your story!
    Tell people about why your organization is important, how it has impacted your experience as students, and how it impacts others.
  • Share your goals.
    Tell your audience how the funds will be used and set a target goal.
  • Encourage repeat donations.
    Ask donors to set up a recurring gift.
  • Determine your target audience.

    Who would be the most likely population to donate to your organization or cause? The following groups can be a good place to start:

    • Alumni
    • Community members 
    • Outside organizations (community organizations or companies connected to the purpose of your organization)
    • Family members
    • Fellow students
    • University faculty and staff
  • Connect with your alumni!
    Alumni love to give to groups they were part of that made their CSUSM experience meaningful. They can be a great source of funding!
  • Thank your donors!
    Whenever possible, make sure to follow up and express your gratitude to your donors! 
  • Share your results!
    Anytime you engage in a coordinated fundraising campaign, remember to publicy share the results and thank your donors!