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ASI Leadership Funding (ALF)

ASI Leadership Funding

ASI Leadership Funds provide leadership funding directly to recognized, CSUSM student organizations to continue their events and efforts on campus. With virtual instruction, it is more important than ever for students to stay engaged with their fellow clubs and organizations as it helps build community, strengthen relationships, and keep students engaged. ASI has a mission to serve, engage, and empower students and we recognize the impact campus student organizations have in driving our mission statement.

The ASI Executive Vice President and ASI professional staff members determine the allocation of these funds. ASI has allocated approximately $25,000 to ALF for the 2021/2022 Academic Year.

How to Get Your Funds

There is no application necessary to receive this funding! If you are a member of a officially recognized student organization with the Student Leadership and Involvement Center, ASI will move these funds directly into your on-campus account one time each year. There is no action that needed to receive the funding. We hope that this funding will help support you in any of your student organizations’ future endeavors.

History of ALF

In the past, ASI has provided funding funding for student organizations’ events and individual student attendance at professional conferences. In 2020, ASI believed it was necessary to re-examine funding to align with these unprecedented times. In the past, ASI Leadership Funds were available for on-campus events, however, being virtual we still wanted to support recognized student organizations for this academic year.

If you have questions about ALF Funding, please contact us at