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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a guest to the festival? Currently enrolled CSUSM students can bring ONE guest that's 18 years or older. 
Each guest must have a purchased guest ticket. There are only 200 guest tickets available.
Guests must be accompanied by a currently enrolled CSUSM student at the gate or they will be denied entry. Guest must provide valid federal or state ID upon entry.
How much are tickets? $15 for CSUSM students and $20 for guests until midnight on March 26th. Starting March 27th, tickets will increase to $20 for CSUSM students and $25 for guests. Service fees to apply. Ticket sales are non-refundable. 
Are masks required? Masks are optional. We encourage guests to do what is comfortable for them. 
Do I need to be vaccinated? All students must be in COVID compliance with the University and possess a green check on their CSUSM digital ID. Those not in compliance will be denied entry. 
How to get to the venue?

 This year there is only ONE entry point: Craven Road.

To access Craven Road entrance, walk down the Mangrum Track and Field main ramp located on Craven Road.

Suggested parking: Lot B or C

We do encourage you to walk if possible or ride-share (Uber, Lyft, etc.). 

Where can I park my car?  See question above for the closest parking to each entrance.
All vehicles must have a valid, CSUSM permit. Parking is NOT free at this event.
No overnight parking (12:00 am - 4:59 am) allowed in Lot L, 6th Level of PS1, Lot X, Y, & Z, or designated event areas in Lot B and Lot F.  Parking Structure 2 is CLOSED (no parking) from 2:00 am - 5:00 am daily.
What is the best time to arrive at the festival?

Earlier the better! Gates open at 2:30 pm and close at 4:30 pm. If you are 21+, the Beer Garden will stop selling alcohol at 4:30 pm.

The first 300 guests will get ticket for a free meal from one of our food trucks!

Can I leave and re-enter the festival? There is absolutely no re-entry into the festival. 
Do I have to bring an ID?

Yes. All current CSUSM students will need to present their virtual ID using the CSUSM app at bag check.
All attendees will need to present a valid, federal or state ID (license, passport, military ID, etc.) at the gate.
If you are 21+ years of age, but do not plan to purchase alcohol at the beer garden, we still suggest getting a 21+ wristband so that you can enter the tent if you'd like to.

Last call will happen at 5:10 PM and the beer garden will close at 5:30 PM.

What if it rains? This event is happening, rain or shine! 
What food is going to be sold?
  • We will update you on the food trucks we are having as soon as possible 
ADA & Accessibility?

There will be ADA access and ADA entry. Please email to arrange any accomodations. We'd love for you to join us! 

It is requested that individuals requiring auxiliary aids, such as sign language interpreters and alternative format materials, notify the event sponsor at least seven working days in advance of the event. Every reasonable effort will be made to provide reasonable accommodations in an effective and timely manner.

  • ADA entry is available through the west gate and can be accessed through parking lots X, Y, & Z.
  • There will be special seating for individuals with mobility impairments on the North side of the main stage.
  • Space is provided on a first come, first served basis.
  • Only one companion seat per mobility impaired guest will be permitted in this area.
  • There will be one portable restroom that is ADA compliant in the venue.
  • ONLY service animals are allowed at the event.
What to bring?
  • Sunscreen (soft bottles only)
  • Hats
  • Sunglasses
  • Earplugs
  • A cool outfit 
  • CLEAR bags smaller than 12x6x12" (opaque or colored bags not permitted)
  • Comfortable shoes
  • State ID or Passport
  • Current CSUSM student ID
  • Phone
  • Ticket (ditital is preferred!)
  • Money or a card to pay for food
  • 1 blanket per attendee. All picnic blankets will be checked and inspected by security before entering the venue.
What NOT to bring?
  • No bags larger than 12x6x12"
  • No bags that are not clear
  • All bags will be checked by hired security upon entry
  • No refillable or disposable beverage containers - FREE water will be available inside the venue! Soft drinks and other beverages available for purchase
  • No lighters, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, marijuana, pipes, or electronic smoking devices will be allowed inside the venue
  • No outside food or beverage (Guests with medical diets should speak with a ASI staff or email for assistance)
  • No chairs
  • No lawn chairs, no beach chairs, and no seat cushions
  • No cameras with a removable lens
  • No beach balls, frisbees, anything designed to be thrown
  • No pets (including ESAs); Service Animals are the only exception
  • No laser pointers
  • No skateboards, scooters, bicycles, etc.
  • No knives or weapons of any sort
  • No umbrellas
  • No video cameras
  • No posters, banners, flags, or signs
  • No computers, tablets, or laptops
  • No poles or rods
  • No coolers
What is there besides music?
  • an interactive mural
  • sustainability themed art tent
  • food vendors
  • cool-off tent
  • And a beer garden with beer, wine, and a couple signature cocktails for guest 21+!
Are you selling merchandise? No, unfortunately we will not be selling Festival 78 merch this year. We hope to next year!