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ASI committees meet throughout the year to govern the operations of the organization related to various issues and processes. Meeting agendas and minutes for the current academic year will be posted here as they become available. All scheduled meeting dates for the 2018/19 academic year are listed below. Most Board of Directors meetings will take place in USU 2310 A&B unless otherwise listed on the posted agenda. Most other committee meetings will take place in the ASI Conference Room in USU 3700 unless otherwise listed on the posted agenda.

ASI Committees

Minutes and Agendas

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Internal Operations 

Student Advocacy Committee

Elections Committee

Awards Committee

Sustainability Committee

ASI Representation on Campus Committees

Academic Policy Committee

Budget and Long-range Planning 

General Education Committee

Student Affairs Committee

Technology Policy & Advisory Committee 

University Curriculum Committee

Arts & Lecture Committee

Co-Curricular Funding Committee

Disability Access & Compliance Committee 

Environment Health, Occupational and Public Safety Committee

Graduation Initiative Steering Committee

North County Higher Education Alliance 

Student Fee Advisory Committee

Student Grade Appeal Committee

Student Grievance Committee

Student Media Advisory Council