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The ASI Board of Directors sets goals for the organization to make its priorities clear and to show ASI members what they need to focus on the most during the academic year. These goals often change year to year, depending on what the ASI Board of Directors feels should be prioritized.

For the 2023/2024 academic year, ASI will prioritize: Advocacy for Student Interest in a Wellness & Recreation Building, Empowerment of Student Voices, and Re-Establishing Engagement with ASI. 

2023/2024 Goals

Advocate for Student Interest in a Wellness & Recreation Building

ASI will represent student voice in the building's creation and operations. We will also work to develop a holistic vision for serving students & basic needs within the space. 

Empower Student Voices

ASI will strive to educate the campus community about ASI & university resources. We will also work to create more opportunities on-campus for professional development & life skills. 

Re-Establish Engagement with ASI

ASI will promote visibility of ASI to all of the members of the CSUSM community. We will also build connections between ASI & Campus Partners.