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ASI Fee Information

Who is ASI?

Associated Students, Inc. is a nonprofit auxiliary organization of the university. The mission of ASI is to serve, engage, and empower the students of CSU San Marcos. ASI serves as the student voice on campus through advocacy efforts and representation in shared governance. Students automatically become members of ASI when they pay their mandatory student fees at the time of registration.

What is the ASI fee?

ASI recently passed a fee referendum raising the ASI student fee from $50 to $75 per academic term beginning with the Fall 2017 term.

ASI currently supports:

  • the ASI Board of Directors—the student-elected government that serves as the student voice on campus via participation in university committees and state-wide advocacy.
  • Campus Activities Board programs and events such as Alternative Spring Break, CougarFest, Fesstival 78, Movie Nights, and more!
  • employment for 45 student positions.
  • student emergency fund, which helps students who have faced catastrophic events.


With increased funding from the fee referendum, ASI hopes to support...

An On-Campus Food Pantry:

ASI proposes opening a student-operated food pantry to address food insecurity issues amongst students at CSUSM. In a survey conducted on campus in early 2016, over 50% of student respondents reported that they have experienced symptoms of food insecurity. This permanent food pantry will provide resources for students in a manner that is inclusive and accessible.

24-hour Library Access:

Currently, there are no places on campus that allow students to safely study after midnight. With increased revenue from the fee referendum, ASI and the Kellogg Library will partner to open a specific section of the library for 24-hour access, Sunday mornings through Friday evenings during the fall and spring semesters. This space will include study rooms, computer stations, and presentation rooms.

Large-Scale Campus Events:

ASI works vigorously to provide programs and events to engage the student body. Moving forward, we will be focused on large-scale, on-campus events such as concerts, festivals, and more. With the extra funding through the fee referendum, ASI will be able to take CSUSM events to a new level!

Student Sustainability Initiatives:

CSUSM is taking vast steps in environmentally friendly initiatives and programs. With the fee referendum, ASI will start a student sustainability initiative. This will provide funding for which students or student clubs/organizations can apply if their cause is geared toward sustainability.

Funding for Student Organizations:

The fee referendum will increase funding allocated for ASI Leadership Funding (ALF) for student organizations’ on-campus events and off-campus attendance at professional & personal development conferences.

Cougar Pride Initiatives:

With the opening of the University Student Union and The Sports Center, the sense of Cougar Pride is at an all-time high. With funding through the fee referendum, ASI will dedicate funding to events and programs that foster increased pride in being a CSUSM Cougar!