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Statewide Advocacy

ASI Lobby Corps

What is Lobby Corp?

The CSUSM Lobby Corp is an advocacy branch of ASI. It's comprised of Cal State San Marcos students who lobby at local, state, and federal levels as well as organize events centered around higher education issues.

We provide classes and training sessions that teach students how to actively participate in the legislative process. Students learn how to coordinate visits to their state representatives to ensure that they know where the students stand on issues of higher education. 

Duties of a Lobby Corps Member:

  • Register students to vote online.
  • Attend lobby and advocacy training provided by the Vice President of Student & University Affairs
  • Research legislative bills and higher education issues affecting students at CSUSM.
  • Meet with Assembly and Senate members to discuss legislative bills and their progress.
  • Organize events on campus and in the San Marcos community to promote the importance of higher education. 
  • Attend the California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS) as well as other conferences dealing with higher education advocacy. 

Ways to advocate:

California State Student Association (CSSA)

The California State Student Association (CSSA) serves CSU students, advocates for student interests, and engages students in public higher education policy making. 

CSSA is a non-profit student organization founded by student body presidents in 1959.  Recognized by the CSU Trustees as the official voice of CSU students, CSSA has long advocated for student access to an affordable, high quality CSU education. CSSA student leaders work with the CSU Chancellor, CSU Trustees, Governor, and State Legislature to positively affect higher education policy in California.

Learn More: CSSA Website

California Higher Education Student Summit (CHESS)

CHESS is the only statewide conference planned specifically for CSU students.

Every year CHESS attracts student advocates from across the Golden State as well as university leaders, higher education policy experts, public officials and alumni.

Hosted by the California State Student Association (CSSA), CHESS encourages and empowers students to become agents of change; advocating for an accessible, affordable system of public, higher education.

Who should attend?

  • Students with a passion to be a change agent in the community and influence public policy.
  • Students interested in educational opportunities for all Californians.
  • Students that are active in student government, student programming, or clubs and organizations on campus.
  • Students interested in developing their leadership skills.
  • Students with areas of study in leadership, public policy, political science, community development, and/or university administration. 
  • Students who want to understand how to influence California's lawmankers. 
  • Students who have an interest in California's government. 
  • Students who want to learn the skills necessary to create a change on their campus and/or in local communities. 
  • Students looking for the opportunity to network with other student leaders.

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